Google My Business – Know The Complete Guide

Google My Business – Know The Complete Guide

Have you ever heard of Google My Business and all its advantages? It is a free tool that can help your company manage its presence on the internet. It allows you to add information related to your business such as who you are, contact information or opening and closing hours, among other options that we will see below.

The objective of the application is to offer greater visibility of the companies so that it is much easier to find them. In such a way that when users search on Google, the chances that your business appears among the first lines of results are greater if you are verified in Google My Business.

What Do I Get As An Entrepreneur With This Tool?

Read the reviews and ratings that your customers have written about your business, products and services, and have the possibility to respond to said comments. A good way for customers to feel closer and more loyal to your company.

Improve direct communication with customers through the “contact” section in which data such as telephone or email will appear.

Make statistics of your business thanks to the contribution of data provided by the application. You can, for example, track the visits, analytics, clicks or ‘likes’ that your profile receives to carry out the marketing actions that best fit said data. 

Take virtual tours of your business with Business View so customers can see your business virtually. This is especially interesting if it is a restaurant or a recreational space.

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What Steps Should I Follow To Make Good Use Of The Account?

Create a complete profile with all the necessary information about your company: name, address, telephone, email, hours.

  • Make a description adjusted to your business taking full advantage of the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is, adding keywords that define your business and help improve its positioning. You can learn more about SEO in our post.
  • Add a virtual tour if your business is physical so that all users can get an idea of ​​what your establishment is like.
  • Interact with your customers through reviews.
  • Keep the information of your products and news updated.
  • Add quality images. It is recommended in these cases that you use photos of the interior and exterior of your business, as well as of your products. At this point the use of labels is important.
  • Add your website so customers can continue browsing and learning about your business.

Add the exact location

Inform about the news in the “publications” option. Remember that keeping a routine of this type of article is important for Google to favor the positioning of your business.

An important advantage of this tool is that Google My Business makes it easy for you to update your business information in the search that appears on Google or on Google Maps when you search for your business name.

In addition, it is an easy-to-use website that is optimized for mobile phones, giving the possibility of adding numerous buttons that allow customers to contact the business directly by sending messages, booking services or even placing orders.

In short, Google My Business is not a single and isolated tool, but a control panel to manage different elements that help your business’s presence on the internet. Keep in mind that every minute, on Google, more than 3.5 million searches are carried out, which, on many occasions, involve research by the user to find the exact product or service.

Need to improve the visibility of your company?

We want to keep you always informed about the latest applications and technological innovations so that your company achieves the best results. If you want to know about other tools like WhatsApp Business, we suggest you click here and find out about all the benefits of this other tool .

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