Five Typical Twitter Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

Five Typical Twitter Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

Twitter Mistakes: Do you know what the most common mistakes on Twitter are?

When incorporated into your social media marketing strategy, Twitter may be quite beneficial. This social network is characterized by its immediacy, so it can be a great place to chat with your audience, publish the latest news or even provide service to your clients. But many brands do not take advantage of their full potential.

Giving a 180 degree turn to your presence on this network can be as simple as knowing the most common mistakes on Twitter and avoiding them. If you want to know what they are, don’t miss this article!

5 Most Frequent Mistakes On Twitter And How To Avoid Them

1) Not using hashtags correctly

In its day, Twitter revolutionized social networks with the use of hashtags, and today they continue to be a fundamental part of this network.

Hashtags are essential according to Business2Community to reach a broader audience, as users use them to find tweets related to topics of interest to them. These are the keys to avoid making mistakes on Twitter with hashtags:

  • Use them! One of the most common mistakes is forgetting that hashtags exist and wasting their full potential. Don’t let it happen to you.
  • Don’t abuse them: the other side of the coin is users who put hashtags on each word. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to use one, two, or three. Just use common sense.
  • Create a specific hashtag for your brand. This way, you can follow it to quickly see what users are saying about you and use it to start conversations. Try to be consistent and always use the same reference hashtag so your followers know what to expect.
  • Join the conversation. If you see a trending topic that may be relevant to your company, don’t hesitate to comment. It is a quick and easy way to attract the attention of thousands of users.

2) Not being consistent with posting times

Due to the volume of content published on Twitter every day, it is inevitable that users will miss some of your tweets. To avoid this, you’ll have to be strategic with your posting times. Take good note of these tips:

  • Post at least once a day. If you go too long without tweeting, your followers will lose interest and stop following you. In fact, 15% of tweeters stop following a brand after 3 weeks if they do not perceive efforts to interact.
  • Repeat the same message in different ways. Find 3-5 ways to tell your important updates and post them at different times of the day to make sure your followers see them. For example, you can plan all the tweets for the week and leave them ready to publish themselves.
  • Experiment with tweets at different times of the day and analyze your metrics to see which ones are best for your brand.

3) Talk too much about yourself

Your followers want to be up to date with your latest news; after all, that’s why they follow you. Think of social media as a party: if you wanted to make friends, you wouldn’t spend all your time talking about yourself and your achievements, would you?

To avoid this mistake on Twitter, try to remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your content should be useful or fun for your followers, but not talk specifically about your brand and products. In exchange, you can use the remaining 20% for specifically promotional content.

When creating your Twitter posting schedule, dare to innovate! Look for fun videos, articles and images that engage your audience and encourage them to interact with your brand.

4) Treat Twitter as if it were Facebook (or Instagram, or LinkedIn…)

Each social network has its own audience and format characteristics, and ignoring them will make your followers lose interest.

One of the most common (and fatal) Twitter mistakes is automatically replicating Facebook content. There are several reasons why this strategy does not work:

  • Different formats. Facebook permits posts to include up to 5000 characters, but Twitter only allows 280. Therefore, it is likely that messages will be displayed with cut-off words and no call to action.
  • Users are not interested in leaving Twitter. If your tweet just says “I posted a photo on Facebook,” it’s highly unlikely they’ll click on it. The effort of posting to Twitter directly is worth it.
  • Duplication of content. If a follower on Twitter is part of your Facebook community, they will see the exact same content twice.
  • Decreases the possibilities of interaction. Facebook content copies, on the one hand, bore users and discourage them from leaving comments. On the other hand, if you’re automatically posting your Facebook updates to Twitter that means you’re not actively logging into the network to make yourself available to your followers.

5) Ignore your audience

And we come to the last mistake on Twitter: forgetting about the social aspect of social networks. After all, sites like Twitter are a place to connect with other people, not a megaphone to announce your brand’s news. So if you want to get the most out of your brand presence, put these recommendations into practice:

  • Enjoy the comments left by your followers and retweet the finest ones.
  • Respond to your followers’ comments.

• Speak with the users who engage with you on a regular basis. Try to remember their personal details and establish a more personal connection, for example by calling them by name or referring to previous conversations

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