Facebook Ads: An Overview And How They Operate

Facebook Ads: An Overview And How They Operate

Facebook Ads: Advertising in digital media is one of the best weapons that companies have to achieve many of their objectives, such as increasing sales, attracting new customers, introducing a new product to the market, improving the brand. Or increase customer loyalty, among others. Within digital advertising and promotion, social networks play a fundamental role today, and specifically Facebook has emerged as one of the most interesting SEM or pay-per-click platforms, thanks to Facebook Ads.

What Is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads can be defined as the online advertising platform of the social network Facebook. It is one of the pillars of online marketing advertising along with Google Ads, with a pay-per-click system that offers great results in the short term and with high performance (a higher ROI or return on investment than other type of advertising methods).

How Facebook Ads Works

Facebook Ads is a targeting advertising tool, that is, a precise segmentation is made towards the audience to which you want to direct the advertisement and a budget and time are assigned to do so, either by pay per click or pay per impression.

This operation is similar to that of Google Adwords (now called Google Ads), with the difference that in Google the ads are displayed on web pages and in Facebook Ads within the walls of each user of this social network.

To use Facebook Ads it is necessary to create campaigns, and you can have multiple campaigns running simultaneously if necessary. Ads must also be created that are shown to the user and that must be attractive to capture their attention and get them to click and end up visiting the advertiser’s site.

Another interesting point about how Facebook Ads works is what is known as the Facebook Pixel. It was about integrating a tracking code so that Facebook itself can monitor the behavior of users who access your website, in order to know what they buy or what interests them most. Integrating this pixel is very simple if you have Word Press or another similar CMS platform, since with a plugin or complement it is done automatically.

How To Create An Ad In Facebook Ads

The ads manager or Facebook Ads Manager is the key tool for creating ads on this SEM platform. It is a complex tool that allows you to create different ads and configure many parameters to achieve an advertising campaign personalized to the needs of each business.

When we talk about the complexity of Facebook Ads Manager we are not referring to the complexity of its options or mechanics, but to the large number of options and configurations available that can overwhelm anyone at first.

Let’s see how to create an ad in Facebook Ads in a simple way:

  1. To initiate a new campaign, navigate to Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Select the campaign object (Scope).
  3. Give the campaign a name and configure the audience. This is the key phase of market segmentation to which a lot of time and effort must be dedicated.
  4. Select the locations where you want the ads to be displayed.
  5. Establish the budget to invest in the SEM campaign.
  6. Schedule the time in which the ads will be shown.
  7. Limit the times and frequency that the ad is shown to the same person.
  8. Select automatic bidding (recommended for the less experienced) or select a manual bid by establishing how much will be paid per 1000 impressions.
  9. Select the type of ad to display (static image, video, sequence, etc.).
  10. Fill in the Text, Title and Destination URL fields.

In this way the campaign would be ready for execution. It is important to note that these steps also have extensive options that can be modified to further personalize each of the campaigns carried out in Facebook Ads.

Forms Of Advertising On Facebook Ads

In Facebook Ads you can run campaigns in which you pay for getting a certain number of visits (pay per click) or for the ad to be shown a certain number of times (pay per impressions).

Depending on the objectives of the company and the campaign, it will be advisable to opt for one type or another of advertising.

There are also different ad formats that can be shown to Facebook users, where you can select the appropriate one for each campaign.

  • Post with image.
  • Local ads (displayed by geolocation).
  • Remarketing ads.
  • Sponsored advertising.

What Advantages Does Facebook Ads Provide?

The main benefit that this digital advertising platform provides is its great profitability. Betting on Facebook Ads, as with Google Ads, provides better results in terms of performance than on other digital platforms or on traditional types of advertising such as television, press or radio.

The main advantages of creating Facebook Ads campaigns for a company are:

Allows a high degree of segmentation

One of the most palpable benefits of this platform is the possibility of carrying out a very precise segmentation of the market, making it easier to reach the specific target that the company wants.

Facebook has more than 1.3 billion active users, so good segmentation allows you to reach niches or segments that are very interesting for companies.

Integrated advertising system

Facebook Ads advertising is not invasive, since it is integrated into the platform itself as if it were a publication from a contact. The user themselves often has difficulty differentiating the SEM advertising displayed by Facebook from publications made by pages they follow or from their own contacts.

In this way, it is possible to get a lot of traffic naturally, bringing to the landing pages or e-commerce a large number of users who are really interested in what is offered.

Possibility of viralization

One of the great opportunities that Facebook Ads presents is to make the published ad go viral. This fact will multiply the return on investment dramatically, and with a small investment, great benefits will be achieved.

Campaign monitoring

As in Google Ads, there is access to a large amount of information that allows close and real-time monitoring of what is happening.

Using metrics and KPIs (metrics associated with a defined objective), action can be taken to correct deviations in campaigns, or valuable analyzes can be performed to improve results in future advertising campaigns on the platform.

For any company

In Facebook Ads, it is the user who establishes how much money they want to invest, so this type of advertising can be used by any company, regardless of the budget it has to carry it out. From small investments like €50 or €100, to investing thousands of euros, in Facebook Ads you can carry out personalized campaigns to reach large audiences, or more modest campaigns that allow you to reach specific users with a high level of effectiveness. Facebook Ads have become a very useful tool for digital marketing, providing an efficient and cheap way to directly target millions of users around the world.

This platform allows any entrepreneur or small business to increase their business results without having to make a large investment to do so.

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