Selecting A Quality Domain Name: 5 Professional Advices

Selecting A Quality Domain Name: 5 Professional Advices

A good Domain Name. Choosing a good name is what determines your success online. But how can one pick a quality domain name? These 5 expert tips will help you choose the best domain name for your business, blog or web store.

This encourages visitors to view your website.

Plus, it will be easier for you to be found on the Internet.

The opposite is also true: with an inappropriate domain, you discourage web visitors from viewing your website and you will be less visible online.

To Choose A Good Domain Name:

  1. Keep it short

The shorter the domain name, the better

  • Choose a keyword (no more than 10 characters.) = ex:
  • Or a short phrase (max.2-3 words.) = ex:


  • it’s easy to remember
  • it’s easy to pronounce
  • looks more professional
  1. Choose Simplicity

Make the topic clear immediately

  • Choose a simple domain name


  • Capital letter = ex:
  • TIP: Make sure it cannot be misunderstood.
  • in Singular  = ex:


  • Script (-). = Ex:
  • = Ex.:
  • The number “0”. It is frequently mistaken for the letter “O.”
  • Numbers instead of letters = ex:
  • Common spelling errors.
  • Double characters.


  • Avoid confusion for visitors.
  • Improves readability.
  • Will retain visitors.
  • Less chance of spelling or typographical errors from visitors.
  1. Make it unique

The more unique, the easier to remember

Get an original domain name.


  • Language versions. Ex: domain name word in UK, FR, and ES.
  • TIP: Be careful with strange meanings.
  • Metaphors, word games or combinations of words.
  • Unique domain name variant via Wordoid.
  • Specific jargon. So your specific audience understands it immediately.
  • TIP: Check the Google search results for your phrase.


  • Check International Trademark Protection.
  • Check for dubious meanings and name variations.


  • You build a brand online.
  • It makes potential visitors curious.
  • Choose a made-up word. Greater possibility of availability.
  • There is no connection between the domain name and the competitors.
  • Protects your domain as a legal trademark.
  • Increases the credibility of your website.
  1. Easy to index by search engines (SEO)

Consider keywords

Use the primary search term in your domain.

  • It helps search engines understand your website, blog or online store.


  • Refers to the activities on your website.
  • It is related to your field.
  • Ranks highly on link and search pages.


  • Link pages are losing importance.
  • Brand popularity is becoming more and more important.
  • Google recognizes what a website is about, without keywords in the URL.
  1. Make it specific

Brand-oriented, descriptive or a combination?

These questions help you choose a good domain name:

  1. What is my company about?
  2. What product do I sell? What services will I provide?
  3. What is my target audience?
  4. Am I going to focus on a local market (neighborhood, city, country) or an international market?
  5. Am I going to focus on an existing trademark for my product/service or am I going to use my last name instead?

They are classified into two main groups:

  1. Descriptive domains :

Specific keyword (product/service in the URL).

  1. Brand-oriented domains :

Company name or anagram.

  1. Combination of both :

Both descriptive and brand-oriented.

  1. Choose a descriptive domain



  • Specific niche.
  • Visitors remember your website better.
  • Faster to the top of search results.
  • Inspires confidence: you are the expert.
  • And leads to a higher level of conversions.


  • Competitors also advertise in the same terms.
  • You must own all domain extensions. This is often forgotten.
  • Search engines consider the number of searches on your brand name (return of satisfied visitors).
  • Search engines consider the duration of the page visit in relation to direct competitors.
  • Name recognition is difficult to measure.
  1. Choose a brand-oriented domain


  • You are guaranteed a unique name.
  • Your brand, family or company name is your domain name.
  • Easily build an online brand.
  • The brand is being improved.
  • A strong brand is also improved by positive comments on the web.
  • It is suitable for long-term strategy. You can use the same domain name for years.


  • Pages with a high percentage of abandonments and short-term visits must be updated.
  • We must prevent another company with the same name from existing in Europe.
  1. Choose a Combination



  • The best domain name is a combination of both:
  • A single word (or brand name) PLUS a descriptive word.
  • A good substitute is your brand name PLUS you’re good or service.

Domain Suggestion Tool

Are you looking for a suitable domain for your website?

  1. Use our domain name generator.
  2. Enter search terms about yourself, your business, website, blog, or online store.
  3. Choose Build.
  4. You’ll instantly see what variations of search terms are available as a domain name.

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