Conversion Rate Marketing In 2022

Conversion Rate Marketing In 2022

Conversion Rate Marketing : Those of us who work in the world of marketing know that a campaign or strategy requires a lot of creativity because the competition increases every day. We also know that it is necessary to make use of harder elements to verify the effectiveness of our efforts.

In any campaign, the important thing is to achieve the goal set. This is why the conversion rate is so important.

What Is The Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate (CR, for its acronym in English) is the most used indicator in digital marketing strategies. It allows you to measure the impact that an effort has had for a person to carry out an action that you set as a goal, whether it is filling out a form, clicking on a link on a landing page, taking advantage of a coupon or making a purchase, for example.

The conversion rate will give you a measure of the success of a marketing investment, from the economic aspect (in the return on investment) to the time invested.

The measurement of results is essential to understand, in addition to what worked, what opportunities you can take advantage of so that your next campaign goes further.

The Elements That The Conversion Rate Measures

When it comes to digital marketing, the conversion that looks best on a report is sales made . However,  it is not the only one that may be of interest in a strategy, since several stages are necessary for a visitor to become a buyer on your site. You can measure actions around:

  1. Clicking on a link: be it a landing page or information about promotions, purchases made by other customers, related searches or recommendations based on your history.
  2. Fill out the form: this lead collection is important to increase your database and enrich the information you have about your regular visitors.
  3. Register data to receive a newsletter: it also helps to increase your database and to ensure that the communication of your service or product reaches the people who are truly interested.
  4. Download the technical sheet of a product: this way you can also know if the information you offer is attractive and useful for a customer in the process of making a purchase decision.
  5. Read a post from your blog: with this information you will check if you create attractive content that connects with your visitors, you will take advantage of opportunities to improve it and you will be able to curate the most relevant content.
  6. Stay on a page: You will know if  what you put on your site is interesting and timely for potential customers who visit you.
  7. Visit your website: here you will find out if you need to optimize your SEO or your SEM, if the ads you have paid for in search engines generate results or if you need to make adjustments.
  8. Add a product to the shopping cart: you will notice if the process is simple and clear for the visitors, in addition to having a better understanding of the offer that you have available: is it relevant? Does it help solve what a potential client needs? You can also compare between those who actually buy and those who abandon the cart.
  9. Save credit card information for future purchases: it is a good indicator to understand how many buyers intend to return to your site to continue shopping.

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