Do You Know How Search Engines Work?

Do You Know How Search Engines Work?

Search Engines : All brands have a presence and need to know how work, since, if a good  SEO job has been done , it is one of the ways that users have to reach content. But what exactly is a search engine?

What Are Search Engines?

Search  engines  are computer systems that collect information stored on web servers, so when the user enters a keyword, they analyse all that data and generate results in the form of links that respond to that search. That is, they give as a response a list of web pages ordered by importance and relevance that contain that keyword. 

How Do Search Engines Work?

The first thing a search engine does is  analyse all the information on web pages  using spider, robot or crawler programs, so when the user enters a keyword it is able to  find those pages that contain that  keyword . 

Then  it creates an index or list where it orders all the results , which are links that redirect to the web that contains information related to the search carried out.

Both the order of the results and the web pages that are displayed as a result depend on the criteria of the search engine used, such as the number of times the keyword appears in the text, the quality of the links, the number of visits who receives the site.

Taking maximum care of the content of a web page is usually key to improving the positioning in the  SERP , which is where the page are displayed. For this reason, SEO work is so important, since the first links that appear in the SERP are the ones that generate the most web traffic.

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Major Search Engines

There is a large number of search engines, although these are the most used by users:


It is, without a doubt, the most used search engine in the world. Most SEO work and  digital marketing strategies  focus exclusively on improving positioning within it, since more than 80% of users use it on a daily basis.


Bing  that Microsoft launched in 2009 to take the throne from Google. In fact, it is the default search engine on Windows computers.

When a user performs a search, Bing responds with ads, organic results, images, videos, news…


It is the most used search engine in China. In fact, it is popularly known as the Chinese Google, since, like it, it values ​​original content, well written and structured, and with a good SEO job behind it.


To  Yahoo! It is especially known for being one of the email providers, but also a search engine. In fact, in 2015 he made an agreement with Google so that the results shown to the user would be a combination of the work of both.


It is another important search engine as it is the most widely used in Russia and some Eastern European countries. In fact, more than 65% of users who connect to the Internet from these countries use Yandex.

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