What Are The Best Cameras 2022

What Are The Best Cameras 2022

Best Cameras : That retro style in fashion is no mystery, and proof of this is the great demand for instant cameras today. It is a type of analog camera that has a peculiarity with respect to the others: they are capable of printing our photos immediately after taking them.

This peculiarity makes them essential for lovers of traditional photography, those people who prefer to have their memories in the form of a printed photograph and not stored in the back of their hard drive.

Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro

We return to the American firm Kodak to bring you, on this occasion, the  Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro.

Starting from the basis that with this Kodak we will be able to enjoy both a camera and a printer, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity we will not only be able to print the photographs taken by the camera, but we will also be able to do the same with the ones we have in stock. our smartphone.

Also, the Mini Shot 3 Retro has a small LCD screen and a fast printing speed of about 50 seconds, as well as the possibility of printing our images with or without a small white frame.

For its part, the printing format of this Kodak is square, with the dimensions of the printed photographs being 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm.

Regarding its body, we can find it in two colors, white and yellow, and with a total weight of  370 grams.

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Canon Zoemini S2

If you thought that the Japanese firm Canon only had  SLR cameras and compact cameras in its catalog, you were very wrong. Proof of this is the instant camera that we bring you this time: the Canon Zoemini S.

Although it is not presented as “the smallest camera in the world”, as the Polaroid Go does, this instant camera is quite compact and light. Therefore, with its weight of 188 grams, it is perfect to carry with you on a daily basis.

In addition, it has the novelty known as ” 2 in 1 design “, which allows the use of filters and the choice between different shooting modes, as well as the possibility of saving your photographs if you do not want to print them at the time of taking them.

For its part, and in the same way that happens with the Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity we can turn it into a printer and print photos that we have on our mobile phone.

Also, the Canon Zoemini S2 is not only compact and light, but it is also ideal for taking selfies, thanks to the mirror and ring light that it incorporates.

Kodak Smile Classic

Already in the final stretch of our compilation, we bring you another instant camera from the American brand Kodak, the  Kodak Smile Classic, a model with many possibilities.

It is a model that has a resolution of  16 megapixels and with which we can enjoy, as with other instant cameras in this compilation, both a  camera and a  printer, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Also, the Kodak Smile has a slot for micro SD cards, in order to store your photos or save them, in case you do not want to print them after taking them, to do it later.

Regarding the print size, this is a positive aspect for those people who want photographs of a larger size than we are accustomed to with this type of camera, since it is  8.9 cm x 10.8 cm, and with regard to its body, we can find it in four colors, including black, red, green and navy blue, and with a total weight of  408 grams.

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