Google Lumos | How To Activate Ok Google ‘Lumos.’

Google Lumos | How To Activate Ok Google ‘Lumos.’

Ok Google Lumos: Remember the word “Lumos” from Harry Potter? Recently, Apple users discovered that it could be used to turn on the flashlight when said to the virtual assistant, Siri. Lumos is one of many words that still work on Siri. In today’s article, we will talk in detail about this feature that is making the buzz around the world. 

What Is Hey Google Lumos?

The origin of the word “Lumos” is Latin for light or a lamp. The word is pronounced “Loo-Mohs” in the franchise Harry Potter when a character says it to his wand. This became famous from the book and numerous media reports around the world. The word is also used by Google Assistant to activate a flashlight

When Can You Use Ok Google Lumos?

It has been widely reported that you can use “Lumos” to turn on your flashlight. All you have to do is open the voice assistant, Siri. Then, say “Lumos,” and if it is not a problem for you, you can also say “Hey Siri” to activate your flashlight. 

How To Use Ok Google Lumos?

To use ‘Lumos,’ you have to follow these simple steps: Open the Google Assistant or Siri. Tap on the home button or the Google Assistant icon and then say the word “Lumos.” You will then be able to activate a flashlight in whatever mode you want. 

For example, if you want to turn on your flashlight and walk away without being seen, then turn it on a flashlight at night or in low light conditions.

How To Turn It Off?

If Lumo is for turning on, then Nox is for turning the flashlight off. The only way to turn off this flashlight is to turn off the Google Assistant or Siri, and then go to your flashlight settings and turn it off. 

Useful Words That Still Work On Siri

To make a little more fun on Siri, people always try a lot of words to test whether they will work or not. This list includes words like Accio, Alohomora, and many others. 

1. Lumos to turn the light on: We have already discussed this above.

2. Nox to turn the light off: Like Lumos, it is also used to turn off the light.

3. Accio to open any app on your iPhone: This is a beneficial word when you want to open any application on your device. You can say the word, and your device will open the application you need, which is very handy. 

4. Alohomora to unlock and lock: This is also a great feature because you do not have to enter your password anymore to use Siri. You can say Alohomora and Siri will be unlocked for you. It happens for locking, too; after using this word, Siri will be locked for you but with no password input required!

5. Silencio to turn “Do not disturb” on Do not disturb is a handy feature that can hide your notifications and calls. If you want to turn it on or off, use the word “Silencio.”

6. Muffliato to turn down volume: This word is used to lower your device’s volume. You can use this word instead of the button on your device.

7. Sonorus to make max volume: This is used to increase the volume. It is very useful in noisy conditions where Siri does not hear you.

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How To Create The Shortcut For These Words?

1. Open Shortcuts and select “All Shortcuts”: The shortcut is made by default with this name, but you can rename it using the same method we discussed.

2. Add an action for the shortcut: Open the shortcut and select “Add Action,” then choose “Enable Siri Shortcuts” from the list of actions. 

3. Give a command: After adding this action, you will have to give a command that Siri can understand, and then you can save it as your shortcut. 

4. Enable to run all the time: Siri must be enabled for the shortcut to work.

5. Just run the command from your home screen: In any application, select this shortcut from the list and then say the command you selected, which Siri will execute.

6. Use Siri as often as you want: You can use this shortcut as often as you want without running out of it since it is never exhausted!

7. Access Control Center: This handy feature allows you to open Control Center on your iPhone by saying “Hey Siri” on Siri or Google Assistant.

What Are The Benefits Of These Special Words (OK Google Lumos)?

1. It is straightforward for everyone to use them. 

2. They are the fastest way to turn your flashlight on and off. 

3. Activating Lumos is straightforward to understand. 

4. Turning off your flashlight via Siri is much faster than pressing the power button on your device; it only takes a second or two to turn it off this way!

What Are The Disadvantages? 

1. If you do not know how to use these words or which voice assistant you need, these words will not help you! Try them out and see what happens! 

2. People must use their password or lock screen to access their devices. This cannot be very pleasant, but with Siri and Google Assistant, you can do it faster and more efficiently. 

3. This feature cannot be used on all devices like Siri Voice Assistant

4. Lumos is still not a good name to turn on a flashlight when Google Assistant is available on Apple’s home button. If they give it a name like “Sense the clap of doomsday,” that would be better!


It is a handy feature and can be helpful to those who live in very dark areas or need to use their flashlight at night or in low light conditions. You can also use these words if you have a problem with Siri like she does not recognize your voice if you have an accent. Lumos is just for activating Siri, so please read this article to activate that. 

In conclusion, it is still unclear whether this feature will work on all devices, but since it works on some devices, it will probably work on most. This article detailed different things you can do with these voices for iPhone or Android phones


What is the purpose of Ok Google Lumos?

Lumos is a voice command for Siri, which means “light” in Latin. It’s also the first word from Harry Potter that’s not a spell by itself. Instead, it is used to turn on the flashlight on your phone. 

Can I use it on other smartphones?

Well, no one knows if they can or not, but both Siri and Google Assistant work. It does not work on all devices. 

Do I need to use a password to access Siri?

No, there is no need. The voice command can be used without inputting a password.

Can it be used on any device?

Yes, it can be used on any device and is still a great feature in the voice assistant industry. It is probably so useful that Apple will start to use it in the next update of Siri. 

Please remember that we are not responsible for you using this feature improperly. Always be safe and use this knowledge responsibly; we hope you will enjoy the feature! 

Is a password required to unlock it?

No, there is no need for you to unlock it using a password; the voice command will do it for you. This feature is used by many people and is very useful for those people who like to use Siri. 

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