Monoprice 110010 Headphone Complete Review

Monoprice 110010 Headphone Complete Review

Monoprice 110010: In a world where audio quality plays an increasingly crucial role in our daily lives, finding the perfect pair of headphones can be daunting. The market is saturated with countless brands and models, each claiming to offer the best sound experience.

Among these options, Monoprice, a name well-regarded in the world of affordable audio equipment, has gained recognition for providing high-quality products at competitive prices. The Monoprice 110010 Headphone is no exception. This comprehensive review will delve into the features, design, performance, and value this headphone offers.

Design And Build Quality

Let’s start with the initial impressions. The Monoprice 110010 headphone exudes an understated elegance. Its sleek, all-black design is minimalist and appealing to many users. The headphones come with over-ear cups and adjustable headbands, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The ear cushions are plush and soft, providing a cozy feel during prolonged listening sessions. The overall build quality is impressive, especially considering the headphones’ price point.

The Monoprice 110010 headphone is foldable, making it easy to carry and store. The headband is adjustable, and the earcups can be swivelled for a more custom fit, ensuring that these headphones can comfortably accommodate various head sizes and shapes. The headphones are constructed primarily from plastic, typical for headphones in this price range, but feel surprisingly durable and well-made.

One notable aspect of the design is the detachable cable. The headphones come with a 3.5mm audio cable with an in-line microphone and remote control, allowing you to take calls and control your music without removing the headphones. This feature adds to the headphones’ versatility and convenience, making them suitable for music enthusiasts and professionals who need them for work-related tasks.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most critical factor in headphones, and the Monoprice 110010 headphone does not disappoint. These headphones feature 50mm drivers that deliver a well-balanced sound profile. The bass is punchy without being overwhelming, the mids are clear, and the highs are crisp. Whether you’re listening to your favourite music, watching movies, or playing games, the Monoprice 110010 headphones provide an immersive audio experience.

The headphones have a closed-back design that helps to isolate sound and reduce external noise. While not at the level of active noise-cancellation headphones, they do a decent job of blocking out ambient noise, making them suitable for use in various environments, such as a noisy office, on public transportation, or even during air travel.

One downside is that the soundstage is limited due to the closed-back design, so if you’re an audiophile looking for a broad and open soundstage, these headphones may not be the best choice for you. However, the sound quality will be more than satisfactory for most casual listeners.

Comfort And Fit

The Monoprice 110010 headphone scores well in terms of comfort and fit. The over-ear design and plush ear cushions make these headphones comfortable for extended periods. The adjustable headband ensures that they fit snugly on your head without causing any discomfort. The swivelling earcups allow for a custom fit, ensuring that the headphones conform to the shape of your ears.

One of the key factors contributing to the comfort of these headphones is their lightweight construction. You can wear them for hours without feeling any significant strain or discomfort. This is particularly important if you plan to use them during long flights, work hours, or gaming sessions.

Connectivity And Controls

The Monoprice 110010 headphone comes with a detachable 3.5mm audio cable, a standard feature for wired headphones. The line is sufficiently long, allowing you to move around while listening to your favourite music. The cable’s in-line microphone and remote control allow for convenient hands-free calling and music playback control. It’s compatible with most 3.5mm audio jack devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other audio sources.

However, it’s important to note that the Monoprice 110010 headphone is wired, which means you won’t have the convenience of a wireless connection. If you prefer the freedom of wireless headphones, consider other options.

Value For Money

One of the most attractive aspects of the Monoprice 110010 headphone is its exceptional value for money. These headphones offer sound quality and comfort that rival more expensive options. You’re getting a well-designed, comfortable, and great-sounding pair of headphones at a fraction of the cost of some high-end brands.

Monoprice has built a reputation for providing quality audio products at affordable prices, and the 110010 headphone is a testament to that commitment. Whether you’re a student on a budget, a casual listener, or a professional needing reliable headphones for work, these headphones offer a compelling package at an accessible price point.

The Sound Quality Of Monoprice 110010 Headphone

The sound quality of the Monoprice 110010 Headphone is a notable feature, especially considering its price point. While it may not compete with premium, high-end headphones, it offers most users a very satisfactory audio experience. Here’s a breakdown of its sound quality:

  1. Balanced Sound Profile: The Monoprice 110010 headphone features 50mm drivers, producing a well-balanced sound profile. It delivers a good mix of bass, mids, and highs. The bass is punchy without being overwhelming, providing an enjoyable listening experience for genres that rely on deep bass, such as electronic or hip-hop. The mids are transparent, allowing vocals and instruments to come through with decent clarity. The highs are crisp, contributing to an overall balanced sound signature.
  2. Sound Isolation: These headphones have a closed-back design, which helps isolate sound and reduce external noise to some extent. While they are not as effective in noise isolation as active noise-cancellation headphones, they do a decent job of blocking out ambient noise. This feature benefits users who want to enjoy music or content without external disturbances in moderately noisy environments.
  3. Soundstage: One potential limitation of the Monoprice 110010 headphones is its soundstage. Due to the closed-back design, the soundstage is limited. Soundstage refers to the perceived spatial arrangement of sound, and open-back headphones offer a wider and more immersive soundstage. However, the Monoprice 110010 headphones are closed-back, so the soundstage may not be as expansive as some users desire.
  4. Clarity and Detail: While the headphones provide a balanced sound, they might need to improve in providing the finest level of detail and clarity you’d find in more expensive options. Audiophiles who are particularly discerning about audio quality might notice limitations regarding the finest nuances in music and sound.
  5. Overall Enjoyment: Despite the mentioned limitations, the Monoprice 110010 headphones offer a satisfying and enjoyable listening experience, making them suitable for a variety of applications, including listening to music, watching movies, and gaming.

Pros And Cons

To summarize, here are some of the pros and cons of the Monoprice 110010 headphone:


  1. Great value for money.
  2. Impressive sound quality for its price range.
  3. Comfortable and lightweight design for extended use.
  4. Foldable and portable, making it easy to carry.
  5. Detachable cable with in-line microphone and remote control.


  1. Wired connectivity may not suit those looking for wireless options.
  2. Limited soundstage due to the closed-back design.
  3. Plastic construction may not be as durable as more expensive headphones.


The Monoprice 110010 headphone is a compelling choice for those seeking high-quality sound and comfort without breaking the bank. Its well-balanced sound profile, comfortable design, and affordable price make it an excellent option for many users, from music enthusiasts to professionals. While it may not have all the features and premium materials of more expensive headphones, it more than makes up for it with its outstanding value for money.

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of wired headphones that deliver a satisfying listening experience, the Monoprice 110010 headphones should be on your shortlist. It’s a testament to the fact that quality audio doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

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