Neuromarketing: The New Way Of Interacting With The Consumer

Neuromarketing: The New Way Of Interacting With The Consumer

Neuromarketing : Currently, it seems that the international market  is giving very good results for the economy . However, it must be taken into account that there are many types of trade and commercial activities that can be very beneficial, depending on the objectives that are established and the circumstances that we are experiencing. 

International Market And Types Of Trade

Nowadays, we can talk about various types of trade within the international market , whose activity is carried out depending on the objectives we want to achieve and, above all, on the framework in which said exchange activity is carried out . In this regard, we have to mention four major types of trade . These are foreign, domestic, international and B2B . Do we know what the characteristics of each of them are?

Foreign trade

Usually, foreign trade is carried out when the buying and selling process is carried out between various sectors, both public and private. These sectors are located within a nation and carry out the activity with other foreign countries. 

It is a form of trade that is regulated by global rules and, in this type of trade, certain markets are integrated that have an important objective: to reduce tariffs between the different countries of the entire planet. We can divide foreign trade , in turn, into two kinds of trade: export and import. With the first of them we refer to bringing national goods or services to other foreign markets . While in the case of imports, the national market buys goods or services from other countries.

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Domestic trade

Contrary to what happens in foreign trade, in this case, the exchange of goods and services within the market is always carried out in the same country or border . 

Similarly, this type of trade is also regulated by certain legal regulations , but all of them are national in nature. Likewise, within domestic trade we find two ways of developing the activity. 

On the one hand, there is the retail one and on the other, the wholesale one. When we talk about retail trade we refer to a type of small-scale trading, where the product reaches the final consumer directly. In the case of wholesale trade, the amounts for exchange are much higher and the sale process is not carried out with the final consumer, but is sold to a company and this is in charge of distributing the products . We can say that there is an intermediary .

International Trade

International trade is practically the same as foreign trade, which means that the exchange activity is carried out between different countries and their respective markets. The main difference between international trade and foreign trade is that the former refers to a much larger type of trade , a more globalised trade . 

This means that when we talk about international trade we consider that the activity is carried out by the international community; entities that have the greatest power in the world. In addition, international trade also refers to the commercial exchanges carried out between an Economic Community And a State , such as the European Common Market and the United States .

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