Below The Line [BTL] Marketing

Below The Line [BTL] Marketing

Below The Line [BTL] Marketing : Call attention on a massive level and, in addition, achieve personal contact and engagement that causes an impact on the public, in order to cause a double result: that the recipient remembers the company’s brand forever and that they decide to make a purchase. This is the objective pursued by all companies in the world and which is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. 

In these keys lies the secret of increasing sales and consolidating a brand and, therefore, they are the most sought-after dreams of any entrepreneur. The question is how to make it happen. The first thing that is needed is to have a good command of marketing to decide on the appropriate strategy in each case and prepare a campaign that is effective while adjusting to the budget that the company can afford to invest. Marketing today offers endless techniques and tools to help entrepreneurs. 

Since the objective is twofold, attract customers and build loyalty, so that they, in turn, promote the brand; efforts must be greater. Current trends lean towards a combination of various strategies and join the synergies of ATL and BTL advertising. Next, we explain in detail what each one of them consists of, what they are different from and the emergence of new alternatives, such as TTL.

Marketing Above Or Below The Line

Once you have a clear idea and theme that will be the basis for carrying out an advertising campaign, you have to choose the channel through which to send the message to the recipient, in this case, the potential customer. This is where different options are presented to select one means of communication or another. Variants include the following:

BTL (Below The Line) campaign or technique

There are other techniques that are emerging now, but these two are the most used, so far. The first one, the ATL or over the line campaign, is used to promote products or services and uses the help of mass media. These are the traditional media: press, radio, television and even the cinema. The benefit is that it reaches a much larger number of people, but the counterpoint is that it is very expensive.

The BTL or below the line campaign is more direct and personalized. It is aimed at a more specific and reduced audience. It is done through more direct means, such as direct mail, guerrilla marketing, merchandising, activities at the point of sale to attract attention, mailings, booklets, E-cards, brochures, catalogues, seminars, sponsorships and other promotions. . 

Differences and advantages of ATL or BTL

The data proves it: the client is now much more demanding than before and the supply tends to be, on many occasions, greater than the demand. For this reason, companies have become aware of the value of offering personalised treatment to customers and pampering them to the fullest. 

With this reality, it is not surprising that BTL marketing has a greater use than ATL and is the favourite for entrepreneurs trying to face the red numbers and the crisis. 

It is essential to convince the potential customer so that they not only want to try a product, but also feel motivated to purchase it. Each client is a world and you have to get into his head, put yourself in his place and empathise with his feelings, ideas, emotions and needs. Make the company a participant in your concerns. Direct or personalised marketing, that is, below the line,

Allows For Great Influence

It is cheaper: not only because the costs are lower, but because it allows a better balance of results and, more importantly, it makes it possible to correct, modify and redirect the campaign, on the fly, for a greater impact. 

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