The Importance Of Colors In Marketing To Give Greater Notoriety To Your Company

The Importance Of Colors In Marketing To Give Greater Notoriety To Your Company

The importance of colors in marketing lies in the fact that they are used as sources of information for the public because thanks to them, a company’s products and/or services can be made known, positioned or sold.

Furthermore, based on studies carried out by the Institute for Color Research, consumers form an opinion in their minds about any product in less than 90 seconds once they have interacted with it for the first time and between 62% and 90% of those evaluated were based exclusively on color.

In short, colors are elements that help transmit feelings, emotions and sensations. Likewise, they have a great influence on human beings, since they cause us to feel, act and perceive things in different and unique ways.

Learn About The Colors Most Used In Marketing And The Emotions They Provoke

The importance of colors in marketing lies in the influence they have on customers when buying. In the case of the digital world, colors can cause more or less sales in an e-commerce or more or fewer clicks on mobile ads. They can even cause consumers to choose to share information on their social networks and cause content to become viral or not. Therefore, it is important to know the emotions that each color provokes.

  • Yellow is a color that is considered young and creates a feeling of enthusiasm, in addition to showing clarity, which is why it is highly recommended to use it to attract clients.
  • Among the colors most used in marketing, red stands out because it generates emotion, attention and desire, therefore, it is normally used for impulse purchases since it denotes a sense of urgency. In addition, it is a color that many restaurants use because it increases appetite.
  • Blue serves to convey confidence, it is a color that creates security and suggests positive feelings, in addition to being productive and not invasive.
  • To create a sensation of luxury, elegance and power in the consumer, black should be used. This is a color that evokes exclusivity and is very attractive.
  • Green is a color that is related to the ecological, it transmits well-being, hope and peace. It is widely used by stores to convey peace of mind to buyers and is also used by companies to improve public relations with the environment.
  • Among the optimistic colors is orange, it transmits enthusiasm like yellow, but also action. It is ideal for a young audience because it encourages adventure and for this same reason, those companies that are dedicated to entertainment use it.
  • White is a color that is associated with purity, cleanliness, softness, simplicity, serenity, etc. Normally, it is the color chosen by companies related to medicine, fashion or nature.
  • Finally, the best color to attract children, adolescents or women is pink.

Knowing who the target audience will be is important when choosing a color correctly, therefore, a study must be carried out on consumer preferences.

Why Should You Use Colors In Your Company Emails?

Previously, we have already talked about the importance of colors in marketing and how they help strengthen the identity of the brand. It is a good idea as a branding strategy to include the colors or color of the company in emails because they will help transmit the values.

In conclusion, it is essential that companies are very clear about the importance of colors in marketing because the choice they make within them will help them reach their target audience, or it will distance them from them. In addition, they will reinforce your brand.

 Your agency to know what colors you need to use in your company

we are a digital marketing agency, therefore, we know the importance of colors in marketing, since they generate emotions in your potential clients and, in addition, transmits a message about the values ​​of your company, and therefore, it is it is essential to choose the right colors to represent you.

Other agencies to choose the most suitable color for your company

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