Gastronomic Marketing In Bars And Restaurants

Gastronomic Marketing In Bars And Restaurants

Gastronomic Marketing: In your work as an hotelier, you will have heard it a few times, perhaps you have some notion of the concept or rather no idea what it means… But you have been told that it is important for your business. And it is true.

Gastronomic marketing is in all aspects of your business, today more than ever it is necessary if you want to differentiate yourself and stand out among all the hospitality offering that people have around them and decide to visit your establishment. That’s why we want to explain how it can help you.

What Is Gastronomic Marketing?

Gastronomic marketing is being in the minds of your customers when they decide to go out. But let’s start with the initial concept. The term marketing means marketing or marketing. It is an administrative principle that explains the “social and administrative process by which groups and individuals satisfy their needs by creating and exchanging goods and services,” according to Philip Kotler, considered the father of modern marketing.

A simpler explanation is that marketing is the communication and sales activities that a business carries out with the aim of making potential customers aware of the qualities of its products.

They are activities that refer to the variety of actions that a small or large company applies to make itself known and reach potential clients with its message. When this principle is adapted to businesses related to gastronomy and restaurants – a broad sector that frequently requires specific techniques adapted to its dynamics – it becomes gastronomic marketing.

Gastronomic Marketing Techniques

If we bring all this theory to the real world, the benefits can be numerous and very important for your turnover. Currently there are two major fields of work in the marketing of your business: online and offline. But first, there are some basic techniques that you should apply in order to create a successful gastronomic marketing strategy for your bar or restaurant:

Create Your Personal Brand

Personal brand is the image you want to project to the world with your business. Given so much gastronomic offer that potential clients have and the overload of information to which they are subjected daily, it is best to have a well-defined image and personality to clearly transmit and reach your target audience.

To do this you have to know who you are, what you want to achieve with your business (objectives) and the audience you are targeting. Based on all this, you will establish a message to make yourself known in all areas of the business: from the façade of the premises, through the decoration, to online channels such as your website or the texts that appear on your social networks. Each aspect is part of a whole: the personality of your business. Your personal brand.

Differentiate Yourself: Define Your Value Proposition

Actually, this point is part of the previous one. Knowing what element distinguishes you from others will help you create and work on your personal brand. But it is so important that we mention it separately.

Your value proposition is that factor within your business that will make the customers who visit you remember you, and it is the one that you will highlight in all the messages you create to communicate with the rest of the world.

If you are a small establishment, which due to its small size is perfect for couples, that is your differentiating point; If your business has unparalleled views, that is what you should highlight; If you only use local ingredients and seasonal products, or the chef is someone recognized, etc. Obviously nowadays people are looking for a comprehensive positive experience when they sit at a table or bar in a restaurant, but there will always be a differentiating point, and the entire team must be aware of it and highlight that element in their daily work.

The Power Of Stories

It is more than proven that people better grasp the information they give us if they tell it to us through stories. In fact, the best-known religions usually reach their followers through stories told orally and in writing, and studies of neuromarketing have shown with figures how effective they are.

Apply this too.

It is not the same to say that “we are a restaurant with a history of more than 20 years and we want you to know us”, to say that our history started with the meals he ran and the daily trips he made with him. Over time, grandfather left and that child dreamed of honoring him one day by dedicating himself to doing what he had learned with him…

In this section, copywriting, or persuasive writing, plays a vital role when it comes to transmitting the story that you want to tell in written form. Copywriting is a type of technique in which the texts move the reader to perform that action that has previously been established as an objective. You can hire a professional or study how to do it yourself.

Use All Available Channels

And once you’ve established your personal brand, defined your value proposition, and developed the stories you want to tell, use every channel you have to convey your messages to your current and potential customers.

In the online sphere, develop and apply your strategy on your website, on the social networks you use and the reservation and opinion portals in which you appear.

In the offline sphere, remember that marketing is everything in your business, from the attention offered by your staff to the advertising in conventional media that you want to make. Erika Silva in her blog points out that the trends for this year are personalization, everything related to healthy eating and improving the overall customer experience.

Transmit all this information to your staff, and train them by applying on-site sales techniques.

Don’t waste the opportunity that gastronomic marketing offers you, the image you project of your business will benefit, and this will result in your turnover.

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