The Startup That Offers More Than 1,200 Tattoo Artists Of All Styles And Is Very Close To Each Client

The Startup That Offers More Than 1,200 Tattoo Artists Of All Styles And Is Very Close To Each Client

Without having completed a year of life, the Barcelona startup Tattoox has already raised two rounds of investment for a value close to 500,000 euros.

40 tattoos say that Joel Orteu has on his body. Use this information to get an idea of ​​the passion that both the CEO and the rest of the founders of Tattoox feel for this world: Jordi Tena, Marc Tudó, Genís Morral, and Enric Miró.

Tattoox is a technological startup born in August of last year as a marketplace that puts tattoo artists in contact with clients. Hence, some have baptized the solution as the “tattoo tinder”. As Orteu says, “we make the ideal match between the best tattoo artists and what each client wants.”

The platform, already present in eight Spanish cities, currently brings together 1,200 tattoo artists. These are attached to the marketplace through a monthly subscription where they appear classified by style or by the city in which they work. They can also create a profile to gain visibility. To date, they calculate at Tattoox that they will have transacted around 700,000 euros in tattoos.

The client, for his part, completes a form by answering questions such as the style he is looking for, what he wants to get tattooed, and the size or the area of ​​the body, among others, so that Tattoox can carry out that ” perfect match “. At this time, the startup receives more than 4,000 applications per month after experiencing rapid growth that, until last February, allowed them to double their billing each month. “We believe that this is a market with many opportunities where it is very important to respect the dynamics of the sector,” says Orteu.

The Spanish Market

According to a study carried out by Dalia Research, 42% of Spaniards have at least one tattoo, making Spain the sixth most tattooed country in the world. Another study, carried out by Tattoox among 12,500 users of its platform, concludes that the average price for a tattoo in Spain is around 140 euros. Likewise, 80% of people who have been tattooed through the marketplace are between 21 and 28 years old, while 15% are under 21 and only 5% are over 28 years old. 

From a gender perspective, in this case, we are close to reaching parity, with a certain advantage for men -60%- compared to women. The area of ​​the body that Spaniard’s tattoo the most are the arms -56%- followed by the legs (15%), the back (8%), and the chest (7%).

Another curious topic corresponds to the styles that are most requested. According to the Tattoox study, the most requested in our country, with almost 20% of cases, is the realistic one. Very closely followed by blackwork and Fineline, with a little less than 20% in both cases. “After this hard-fought podium, the next most sought-after styles, and by far, are Lettering and Anime, with 5% tattoos each. Therefore, out of every ten tattoos that are made, six will be blackwork, realistic or Fineline”, they conclude.

A Solution That Was Needed

The key to the success of this startup is found by its CEO in the fact of coming up with a solution that was needed. In the first place because they manage to connect the user and the idea of ​​the tattoo that they have in their heads with the professional. Secondly, we are talking about a very atomized industry that needed to be ordered and digitized.

The startup, which started working only with tattoo artists in Barcelona, ​​already offers the tool in Madrid, as well as in some of the other main Spanish cities. On his horizon, in the short-medium term, he is approaching the Latin American market, starting with Mexico City, considered the tattoo capital in the area.

To accelerate this growth, Tattoox has resorted to a second round, thus adding an investment of 480,000 euros so far. The first round, held last December, was led by B Combinator together with business angels, while in this second it was Ona Capital that joined the project.

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