Ac2ality: The Media Outlet With The Most Followers Of The Zeta Generation

Ac2ality: The Media Outlet With The Most Followers Of The Zeta Generation

Ac2ality is a digital communication medium that aims to communicate the world’s news in an “objective, simple and visual” way. Daniela McArena, 24, introduces herself as “Founder & Owner” of the channel.

Ac2ality was founded in 2018 “in my room. We stayed to sleep at my house and at some point we tried to understand what was happening with Brexit. We immediately realized that we could not understand the event by reading a single article in the newspaper. It was then that we understood the gap between today’s newspapers and today’s generations. 

We wanted to understand what was happening in the world, but we were too lazy to have to read different articles to understand a particular topic. Now, more than ever, we know that we are not the only ones who feel this way. We belong to a generation that is increasingly digitized and that seeks to take over the world in the easiest way possible.” This is how they justify in Ac2ality the reason for this business idea that aspires to become the informative alternative for the Zeta generation, “a project that was created because my generation was bored reading the newspaper,” says the founder.

Each informative piece is offered in video format that lasts no more than a minute through their TikTok channel, where they currently have 2.9M followers. The rate of growth, they say, is “10K followers on networks per day” which makes them the Spanish media with the largest community on TikTok, and we are talking about an environment in which actors of the stature of Washington compete. Post (1.1M followers), the Daily Mail (3.1M followers), and the BBC (997.8K followers). In the case of Spain, they have a profile on the social network, Cadena Ser (20.7K followers), or Antena 3 Noticias, among others.

It was as a result of the pandemic that the platform, in addition to being suitable for entertainment, also revealed itself as a useful tool for communication. In fact, the WHO has its own account on the Chinese network. In any case, the challenge is not to open an account but to know how to adapt the contents and the way of communicating with the users of the network.

In the case of Ac2ality, they use young, pretty, friendly presenters who gesticulate a lot and speak quickly. As for the contents, neither the periodicity is daily nor are there the same number of news items every day. The vocabulary is simple and the tone and dress are casual. 

Ac2ality And Entrepreneurship

Another of the initiatives undertaken this year by Ac2ality was the launch of the contest they named Ac2ality + TikTok within what they called Entrepreneurship Week. It was about encouraging the Zeta generation to present entrepreneurial projects with the promise of delivering €10,000 to the five winners.

The participants only had to share a video explaining the project including the hashtag #EmprendedorZ. Among the winners were projects such as Filma Group with a solution for recycling masks, and Gloop which makes edible, sustainable, and vegan spoons and straws. The others were JeyJey Personal Trainers, Uvi24, and Evanna. All of these have already been discussed in another article on this website.

Likewise, among the latest actions of the platform, the launch of the first campaign of the Spain brand stands out. In this sense, it is worth highlighting the strategic agreement signed at the beginning of the year between 2btube, a media group specialized in connecting with young Spanish-speaking audiences, and Ac2ality. With this agreement, 2btube began to manage all its advertising agreements.

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