Protection In The Cloud Solves The Main Security Problems Of A Company

Protection In The Cloud Solves The Main Security Problems Of A Company

Protection In The Cloud : In a 100% cloud infrastructure, it is the provider of this infrastructure that provides the software, allowing its customers to dispense with installing and updating the programs, which provides great simplicity and a significant reduction in the investment of time and money. Software updates are automatic and the customer is freed not only from performing them but also from re-customizing the programs after the update.

Concept Of Security Within The Cloud

The same can be said of security software: it is the provider who installs the firewalls, intrusion detection systems, malware, and phishing detection, or who implements the data encryption system, the network monitoring, and alert systems, as well as the strategy to prevent DDoS attacks.

The solution will drastically reduce the number of incidents by never going through our perimeter. Umbrella acts as a gatekeeper before reaching us. If the host is on the list of compromised IPs, Umbrella will deny traffic to that IP, preventing a connection to that host. 

The Cloud Reduces The Number Of Malware Incidents

The security benefits of the cloud translate into a 98% reduction in malware infections. In addition, alerts from antivirus, intrusion detection systems, and others are reduced by up to half, and the average response time to a computer security problem is also reduced by 20%.

Users Protected Thanks To The Cloud

These advantages are especially interesting when it has been shown that more than 80% of corporate users ignore the obligation to connect to their company network via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Nor do offices follow protocols when they “forget” to use a backhaul to connect to the Internet.

Developing a mechanism to avoid these situations, including the dreaded Shadow IT, can be costly and, on many occasions, impossible to achieve success. That’s where Cisco Umbrella brings value to the business.

A Protection Solution

Cisco Umbrella improves security at the level of the Domain Name System (DNS) and Internet Protocol (IP) layers, basic to the Internet. Umbrella blocks requests going to malicious or unwanted sites before the connection is even initiated and blocks threats on any port or protocol.

Additionally, it provides the IT department with the necessary visibility of the cloud applications not controlled by the company that the user uses. In this way, we not only enjoy improved visibility and traceability of who and what application is used, but also prevent data from flowing freely and without control between our data center, the cloud, and third-party cloud services.

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CISCO Umbrella Benefits: Prevent Threats

What makes Umbrella different from other services is that it not only detects threats but also prevents them. It protects inside and outside the network, not limited to the devices that redirect traffic. And, in addition, the platform is always up to date, without the need to access the local server via VPN to make the updates.

As a cloud service, Umbrella provides the visibility needed to protect Internet access for all devices on the network, offices, and mobile users. All Internet activity is monitored and categorized according to the type of security threat or web content and, based on this, an action is taken, be it to block or allow access. This solution is also used for apps in the cloud and the highly controversial Internet of Things, whose security represents the next great challenge for the network.

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