Google Gravity | How To Access Google Gravity In 2022

Google Gravity | How To Access Google Gravity In 2022

Google Gravity: Google is an all-new search engine that breaks the boundaries of traditional web search. It uses an algorithm that analyzes and ranks web pages on the most important topics by considering who links to them, how often they are updated, and even who frequents them. Based on those considerations, web pages are ranked on a scale of 0 to 10.

Google’s updated algorithm categorizes pages by their importance, not popularity. It also analyzes every page on the internet for related topics and returns them in order of relevance, not just how frequently each page is visited or updated. When searching, Google magically combines your search term with information about one or two words found on the page it returns in its results list.

What Is Google Gravity?

Google search elements fall as if they obey the laws of gravity. The site offers a unique way to search – by making the elements in the search results fall. In Google Gravity, you control how the elements of search results fall by moving your mouse, which allows you to drop them into different positions. When elements fall, they do not show who they are related to, and you can change their order as you like.

The concept of gravity can be applied to any search results. Whether it’s in the form of a video, image, or website, objects behave according to their universal laws: objects will fall when released from a gravitational force and rise when their gravitational attraction increases or decreases.

What Are The Requirements To Use This Google Trick?

1. High-speed connection: you need to have a very fast internet connection and the likes of, through which it is possible to drop or move elements in search results to any desired position.

2. JavaScript-enabled browser: the web browser you use to access must be JavaScript-enabled.

3. Google Gravity link: you need to find a link to Google Gravity. There is no specific search term because the page appears randomly on Google’s search engine results page. You can use the link as a rough guide to discovering where it usually appears on Google’s search page.

How To Use Google Gravity?

This is very simple, fun, and useful too! All you have to do is go to Google Gravity and move the elements around by moving your mouse; that’s it! Depending on the search elements you have selected, they will fall slowly; if it’s a video or an image, they’ll remain still while the page loads completely (in most cases).

1. Make sure to access a smart device with a JavaScript-enabled browser: Your phone or tablet. After this, open Google Gravity on your smartphone without suspending it or closing the browser.

2. Go to Android settings > Wi-Fi > Networks and choose the same network you are currently connected to. To ensure that you are using your home internet connection for any search on this page, select Home Network as the connection setting on your phone.

3. Type ” Google Gravity” in Google but don’t search: If you click it, the page will be opened in your browser, and you won’t be able to access Google Gravity on your phone. Keep typing it, and then you will get two slots: Google Search, and I’m Feeling Lucky.

4. Select “I’m Feeling Lucky” to open Google Gravity: Once you have selected it, the page will be loaded in your browser, but apart from this, it will also open on your phone’s Google Gravity.

What Are The Features ?

Tabs are falling literally: the tabs near each other fall as if they were gravitating towards each other. You must drag them up or down, and their size will change according to your preference.

Objects fall in sync: image, video, and website elements all fall from the top of the screen in sync.

Saving: you do not have an option to save the Google Gravity page, but it will be loaded in your bookmarks for future use. If you compare Google Gravity to the other search engines, you’ll notice that it’s quite different! This page works like any other search element on Google’s search engine results page.

What Are Some Tricks Of Google Gravity You Can Use?

1. Google Guitar: You can play the guitar on the browser with Google Gravity!

2. Google Rainbow: for this trick, you need to search for the word “Google Rainbow” and place it wherever you want. Once you’ve done this, move your mouse from side to side. After a few seconds, you will notice that all the images on the page will be in rainbow colors.

3. Google Tilt: for this trick, you need to search for “Google Tilt” and put a few images from the same category on the page. You can make them fall in any position you like or put them anywhere in a range of positions; this could be interesting for you.

4. Google Gravity Tiles: This is one of the most popular tricks used frequently on Google Gravity. This is a simple concept, just put a few images side by side or in one row, and they will fall according to their weight each time your mouse moves towards that side.

5. Google Snake Game: For this trick, you need to go back to the search tab and search for Google Snake Game. Once you’ve done that, open it but don’t click on search. After a few seconds, it will be ready on the page, and you can move your mouse wherever you want. This is one of the most interesting tricks of all!


Google Gravity is not a search engine or a browser; it is much more than just a cool trick. It makes you feel like you are playing a simple computer game and see how everything works on the internet. 

Though Google Gravity has been available for many years, it can still be quite amusing for all the users who want to explore it. If you have never used Google Gravity, try it today and have fun!

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