Gallery App, The Latest In Photo Storage From Google

Gallery App, The Latest In Photo Storage From Google

Gallery App : If there is anything the search engine giant can do for us, don’t worry because it will. And this is demonstrated by Google with each of its releases. The last one, Gallery App, has left us completely speechless, now we can manage our entire image gallery without data!

Really amazing, right? If you want to know all the news that the new Google App hides, today we show them to you so that you can enjoy your smartphone to the fullest.

Why Was The Gallery App Launched?

As we are used to, Google never stops surprising us and shows us how it cares about all its users. And for this reason, he wanted to focus on the needs of those people who are located in places where the Internet connection does not reach easily.

It was at Google of Nigeria that the company wanted to announce its launch of the year . From now on, anyone on the planet will be able to enjoy the same benefits as any other Google Photos user.

What Are The Features Of Gallery App?

As we have mentioned before, the main utility of Gallery Go is that you will be able to manage and edit all your photos without having to be connected to the Internet . This means that if you want to travel to the most remote place in the world or want to optimize the use of your data, this application is perfect for the occasion.

Through machine learning, the application establishes the best parameters so that your photos have the best result. You can also save all your photos thanks to its compatibility with SD cards!

How Is It Similar To Google Photos?

Perhaps this is the most significant point of all, it practically has the features of Google Photos: it is used to save images and videos , it allows you to edit your photos as you wish by applying the filters that you most want -very similar to those of Instagram-, rotating and cropping them, it’s really complete!

And if you are obsessive about order and you love having your gallery organized according to the type of photography, it also classifies the images! Its tagging repertoire is very wide, and will allow you to organize images according to people, selfies , nature, animals, documents, videos and movies.

We want you to enjoy the best applications for your smartphone . For this reason and so that you can download them all, we offer you the best connection and the best mobile rates.

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