Benefits Of Google Adwords

Benefits Of Google Adwords

Google Adwords : Google has become the main search engine in our country used by consumers to search for information and compare options before purchasing a product. Therefore, one of the main tasks of digital marketing is to achieve optimal web positioning.

This can be achieved through SEO techniques, a process that requires time and effort. Another complementary alternative to SEO, and that can greatly benefit the advertising company, is sponsored positioning or SEM.

SEM positioning or Search Engine Marketing consists of paying Google to increase visibility and obtain relevant traffic to the company’s website, with the aim of increasing conversion, mainly.

To do this, Google makes Google Adwords available to advertisers. This is the sponsored advertising platform offered by the Internet Giant, and it works through bids. In this way, the advertiser will pay only when the advertising objective set in the campaign is met, such as clicking.

What Are The Advantages That Google Adwords Offers To SMEs?

  • It does not require a high budget: unlike other forms of traditional advertising, Adwords requires a minimum initial investment.
  • It is the advertiser who defines the budget: unlike traditional media, where the advertising system works through fees, in Google Adwords, the advertiser defines the budget they want to spend.
  • Greater control over the budget : the advertiser will only pay when their objective is met, be it a click or a conversion. In addition, he will be able to choose the maximum amount that he wishes to spend on a daily basis and modify the bids in real-time.

Allows ads to be shown to the local public

thanks to the possibility of geographically targeting ads, campaigns can be segmented into those areas that are desired. This segmentation can be established both radially and by selecting the proximity of users. In this way, including or excluding certain areas, a greater distribution of the budget will be achieved.

We can show the location of the business

Adwords allows us to show the user the exact location of the business on the map. If someone is looking for a product in your city and your company offers it, not only the business information will appear but also its location. This is highly beneficial when searching from mobile devices.

Ads may display contact information – In addition to the information displayed in the ad, the ad may carry call extensions, allowing the user to make a call directly to the business. Other very effective extensions can be the opinions of other users, application downloads, and links to different sections of the web.

Create campaigns for very specific searches: thanks to the fact that the tool works through keywords or keywords, the company will be able to carry out the segmentation using exact matches. 

Return on Investment or ROI

Due to the constant monitoring that can be carried out on the campaigns, using the tracking code and the Google Analytics tool, we can optimize the results in real-time.

Choose where the ads are displayed

Google Adwords offers the possibility of showing ads on other websites related to the interests of the potential consumer. In these cases, the user is not actively searching for the product but is interested in it. This option is fantastic for branding campaigns.

Increase sales and measurement: with Adwords, in addition to being able to increase business sales, the profitability of the campaign can be measured. This measurement can be done at all levels (campaigns, ads, keywords…), improving advertising effectiveness.

A very curious case of success is that of this small company that offers milk cheese from its own farm and actively uses Google Adwords for its online business:

As you can see, there are many advantages that Google Adwords offers to SMEs. Through a minimum investment, you can achieve great benefits. A platform that improves day by day and that should be included in your digital marketing strategy. 

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