RARBG Proxy (2023) – Download Latest HD Movies, Web Series (UPDATED)

RARBG Proxy (2023) – Download Latest HD Movies, Web Series (UPDATED)

RARBG Proxy : RARBG website was first set up in 2008 as Bulgarian BitTorrent tracker hence the abbreviation BG. It would later on grow and be labeled a notorious market. RARBG from 2014 has been one of the most-visited torrent sites, and it has been ranked fifth by TorrentFreak magazine. The site is blocked in most countries because it uploads pirated content for users to access free of charge.

What Is RARBG Proxy Site?

RARBG Proxy is a torrent website that provides users with non-copyrighted content with the help of the BitTorrent protocol. RARBG website has the latest movies, software, adult films, games, and TV Shows. This website only has high-quality content

The original domain site was blocked because of copyright infringement. Since then, its developers have facilitated thousands of proxy sites to satisfy the clients’ thirst for free content. RARBG updates content daily, and it has some of the latest stuff. 

RARBG sites can only be accessed through the mirror sites available in most parts of the world. The internet service providers and government agencies are on the lookout and block these proxy sites whenever they identify them. 

Features Of RARBG Website

RARBG has some unique features that make it different from other torrent sites. Below are some of the best features

Straightforward User-Interface

RARBG has a simple interface with clearly outlined categories. The home page gives the user a smooth ceiling simply because music, software, games, TV shows, movies are arranged in ascending order. The viewer can click on whichever content they desire, and the results will show consecutively. The main page also has columns with the latest content arranged from top to bottom

Top-notch Content

RARBG Proxy has top-notch content that is up to standard with the international quality levels. The movies and TV shows are only high resolutions; the games are of quality with no technical hitches in installation. Music from the site is top quality.

Up to Date Content

The content found on the RARBG website is up to date, and new content is uploaded every hour. You can find some of the latest content on the site with the highest possible quality. The site does not have camera copied movies or TV shows, but it has original movies and series. The latest content is found on the home page, from the newest release to the oldest.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Downloading Content Using RARBG Proxy

RARBG has the following advantages and disadvantages


  • It provides top-notch content
  • There are no ads on the site
  • The site is user-friendly
  • Content is updated regularly
  • It is possible to download content directly on the site


  • The site is banned in most parts of the world and accessing it is a crime punishable by law
  • Users are vulnerable to hackers.

Procedure On How To Download Content From RARBG Proxy Torrent Site

Before visiting the RARBG site, purchase a VPN subscription to ensure your safety. A VPN will hide your IP address and location from internet service providers and government agencies, and a VPN will also conceal your identity from hackers on the site. You must also download and install a torrent application like BitTorrent or Bittorrent, and it will facilitate fast uninterrupted downloads.

  1. The first step is to open a browser, whether Chrome, Mozilla or Brave. Type the word RARBG torrent site and then search.
  2. A second page will open with the results. These will be the mirror sites of the RARBG site. Choose one by clicking; you will be directed to the RABG site
  3. On the home page, you will spot a list of the latest content, and the list has all sorts of content ranging from movies to games that are trending. Browse the page to find your content. If it is not in the list, then type it in the search bar and search.
  4. Once the results are in, click on your desired content. Immediately a new page will load. 
  5. On top of the screen, you will notice a magnet symbol. Tap on the sign, after which a new page will open.
  6. On this new page on the far right, you will spot two options, ‘Start Torrent’ and ‘Copy Magnet Link.’ Click on the second option and then open a torrent app. Paste the link on the torrent link, after which the download will start immediately.

Working RARBG Proxy Websites

Since the initial domain site of RARBG was closed, the only way to access the RARBG site is through proxy or mirror sites. However, finding a mirror site can be difficult at times, and because of that, we have highlighted some of the working mirror sites below

  • https://rarbgproxied.org/index80.php
  • https://rarbgget.org/index80.php
  • http://rarbgaccess.org/index80.php
  • https://rarbgprx.org/index80.php
  • http://rarbgaccess.org/index80.php
  • http://rarbg4-to.unblocked.lol/
  • https://rarbgunblock.com/index80.php
  • https://rarbg.unblocker.cc/
  • https://rarbg.unblocked.plus/
  • https://rarbg.unblocker.cc/
  • https://freeproxy.io/proxify.php
  • https://rarbg.unblocker.win/
  • https://rarbgmirror.com/index80.php
  • https://rarbg.unblocked.lol/
  • https://sitenable.info/proxify.php

How To Unblock Proxy Sites?

The internet service providers and government agencies are looking for torrent sites like RARBG that promote piracy of original content on the internet. The ISP is responsible for blocking and closing most of the proxy sites. 

Whenever a proxy site fails to open, know that the internet service providers have struck. However, users can unblock the blocked proxy sites and download content easily due to innovative discoveries. Below are methods used to unblock RABG mirror sites;

Using The Onion Router (TOR) Browser

TOR is a collection of individual networks that facilitate concealed communication. Tor Browser has a special software, and it is a free open source that will hide the users’ web traffic and IP address, hiding their identity from anyone on the web. This browser is available in India and all over the world.

TOR browser becomes handy when unblocking the RABG proxy sites. The user is hidden; therefore, the ISP cannot monitor the users’ web activity and data. In this case, through internet service providers, the government cannot determine which region or country the user is coming from.

Virtual Private Network

A VPN is necessary when downloading content from the RARG website. Moreover, a VPN has many uses and benefits. It provides the user with security because it prevents data leakage. It prevents internet service providers from accessing their IP addresses, location, and even web activity. There are a lot of VPN sites in India, like ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, and IPVANISH. These sites have proven effective when unblocking torrent sites like the RARBG. VPN sites conceal the users’ IP address and location from the Internet Service Providers, making tracking their origin and web activity challenging

Using a Proxy website

RARBG’s main domain website was blocked because of the non-copyright content found on the platform. The developers have since created many proxy websites that anyone can access from all over the globe. 

When using a proxy server, the server will mediate the users’ orders. Whenever a user contacts a torrent site like RARBG through a proxy server, internet service providers will only note that the user is linked to the proxy server and not spot the proxy server transmitting torrent data. 

However, internet service providers have identified most proxy servers and blocked them in many regions. But still, there are thousands of RARBG website proxies that enable users to access the site in India and the rest of the world.

Alternative Torrent Sites

There are some regions in the world where the RARBG website is blocked, and no one can access the site without a VPN. Most users don’t have the luxury of owning a solid VPN; therefore, they are blocked from using this site altogether. However, they are not out of options because many torrent sites provide almost the same content as RARBG. Below are similar sites to RARBG

  • 13377x 
  • KickassTorrent
  • The Pirate Bay
  • LimeTorrents
  • YTS.am
  • EZTV
  • Torrent Downloads
  • Filmyhit
  • Hubflix
  • 9Xmovies
  • MKVking
  • WorldFree4u
  • Gomovie
  • Cinemavilla
  • 123 MKV
  • MKVHub
  • Fzmovies

Categories Of Content Found On The RARBG 

The RARBG website has a lot of content displayed on the homepage. The content is grouped into categories based on their theme and genre. The categories of content are:

  • Movie
  • Shows 
  • Games
  • Music
  • Software
  • Non-Adult content
  • Trailers
  • Catalogue
  • Box Office
  • New Index

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best way to download movies ?

The best thing about the  site is that you can download movies directly from the site; this is extremely slow. The best method that you can use to get fast downloads is by using a torrent app like BitTorrent or Utorrent. One of the best torrent apps’ best features is setting the download speed to infinity. In some apps, you can set the limit to infinity and get fast downloads

Why is RARBG so popular?

RARBG torrent site is popular because of the diverse quality content that is free for downloads. RARBG has movies, TV shows, adult content, and games that most torrent sites lack. In addition to this, it is available in most parts of the world. RARBG also has the latest software that lacks in other torrent sites. RARBG caters to different users’ needs by having a wide range of content.


RARBG Proxy website has been in existence for over 13 years. The original domain site was blocked, and since then, many proxy sites have emanated. RARBG is a user-friendly torrent site because it allows client feedback in the comment section. It also has a social media platform in Telegram where clients can get updates and launch their complaints. When using RARBG or any other torrent site, ensure you are protected by using a virtual private network.

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