PagalMovies (2023): Best Proxy Site To Download Movies

PagalMovies (2023): Best Proxy Site To Download Movies

Pagalmovies is an illegal yet preferred proxy site to download the latest Hindi movies, Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies and more. It seems to have a never-ending list of films that are categorized accordingly. Even though it is an illegal site, the users can enjoy their favorite movies in high definition and without any hassle.

It is an Indian torrent website where movies can be downloaded and streamed for free. The website is based in India, but people based in most countries are also allowed to download and stream the movies, as reported by Pagalmovies.

The website is done by a team of dedicated people who regularly upload the latest Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies and keep an updated list of all the latest online movies. They update their website daily, so check out their blog frequently to know about all the latest information related to Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies. 

Features Of Pagalmovies 

Straightforward UI

Pagalmovies is a simple website that is easy to use and has a simple UI. You can easily find the movie you want to watch from their massive list of movies. The home page also shows the latest features because Pagalmovies always provides its users with the newest information about Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies.

All kinds of movies

This website is designed for those who love watching Hindi movies or Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies, but there are many categories for those who like these kinds of entertainment. They can search for a particular category according to their desire and enjoy watching their favorite movie from there.

Latest movies available in pagalmovies

Pagalmovies always keeps the latest information about Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies so that you can get the newest movie release date. If you like a particular movie, you can check out the details of the movie so that you know what is happening in the movie.


The validity of a website is very important because if you are planning to download any movies, it should be done only by valid sites. Several websites have verified this website.

As per their latest information, it will continue to be good as well, which means that in the short term, this site will remain functional and can never cause any problems for its users.

High quality

Pagalmovies tries to provide high-quality movies with good audio and video quality. If you check out their website, you will also find that this site always provides the latest information about Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies so that you can easily download the movie when it is released.

Guaranteed privacy

Pagalmovies always keeps an updated list of the latest information on their website, and they also have an option to report fake websites. You can use that option to avoid downloading malware or something that will harm your computer and can cause damage to your data files.

How To Use Pagalmovies?

The site falls under the category of illegal because it works with the uploaded data from one single source, but that does not mean it is a bad site. 

You can easily find some movies you like, download them, and do whatever you want with them. Nobody likes copyright infringement, but if you are downloading those movies, it is safe to use this site because nothing will be removed from your computer. 

1. Go to Pagalmovies extensions

2. Choose a movie from the listing

3. Press play and wait for a few seconds

4. Close your browser window. This is very important to avoid any possible infection. 

What Kind Of Movies Can You Download From PagalMovies?

1. Action: Movies that are full of action and adventure. They will surely keep you entertained.

2. Adventure: The movies will take you to a different world where the characters are adventurous and always like to see something new for themselves.

3. Comedy: These movies will improve your mood because they will make you laugh a lot, and of course, it is essential to find some time from your hectic schedule to have fun with your friends or family.

4. Comedy-Romance: The combination of comedy and romance will bring you both surprise and joy—the most common genre of movies available for all ages.

5. Horror: It is a genre that brings lots of surprises and keeps you away from day-to-day activities.

6. Romantic: The movies will keep you on the edge of your seats. You cannot stop jumping off your chair at this point in the film because it might leave you with a surprise or some anxiety.

7. Drama: It is one of the most loved movie genres available for all ages. However, young teens are primarily attracted to this genre because as they get older, it gets boring, and they slowly start favouring action movies much more than drama movies.

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Alternative Sites To PagalMovies


It is a site similar to Pagalmovies where you can download Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies for free. It has an easy user interface and is a good alternative if you are looking for another site to watch some Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies.


This site is also based in India and has a massive list of Hindi movies that you can easily download for free. The website is designed very beautifully, and the team behind the website works hard on updating the latest information about all the latest Bollywood movies so that everyone can easily enjoy watching their favorite movie whenever they want to do so.

SSR Movies 

The website is similar to the two sites mentioned above, but if you are looking for Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies that are available in the English language, then you can use this site to download such movies.


This is an official site where you can find Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies and Chinese and Korean language movies. The website does not provide the facility to download these movies. Still, it only provides you with free streaming links for watching these movies without downloading them on your computer or any other device. 


This is a viral website for those who like watching Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies. You will find all the latest updates about the latest releases on this website, and if you want to watch any of these movies, you can visit this site to see the film yourself with a different set of quality.


PagalMovies is one of the best sites to download Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies for free. It is not a good idea to use this site if you are not aware of how these kinds of sites work, but that should not be the focus because there are so many people who cannot afford expensive movie tickets, and they always want to watch their favorite movies which are fresh on the box office.

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