How To Use An External Battery In Portable Speakers?

How To Use An External Battery In Portable Speakers?

External Battery : In this article we are going to answer some of the most frequent questions that you ask us about the use of an external battery with portable speakers.

Things That You Will Need

  1. An external 12V battery (the amperage will depend on the internal battery of your equipment)
  2. A 12V external battery charger
  3. A cable from the external battery to the 12V socket of your equipment

What Is The “DC 12V” Connector?

This connector is a 12V power input and is used to connect the speaker to an external battery. This is useful, for example, if you are out in the field and your internal battery dies, you can run a cable to the car battery and the speaker will still work.

Depending on the age of the equipment or its model, you can find two different types of connectors, which are the ones you can see inside the red circle in the following image:

In the upper part, what you have are some terminals to place directly (with bare cable) one of the sides of the cable that will go to the external battery. The connector at the bottom is a standard DC connector with an outer diameter of 5.5mm and an inner diameter of 2.1mm, like the one in the following photo:

How To Connect An External Battery To My Portable Speaker?

Before continuing, we recommend that you read the previous point “What is the DC 12V connector on the back of my portable speaker for?”.

The first thing to do is make or buy a cable. If your equipment has a 12V input with a bare cable, then you will only need a cable and some clamps of greater or lesser thickness on the other side (depending on the thickness of the external battery terminals you use). 

When creating the cable, it is VERY important to respect the polarity of the cables. The photo above corresponds to the 12V input of the PORT12UHF, which is the equipment in the photo below. This photo indicates that the black clip (- negative) goes to the outer ring of the DC connector and the red clip (+ positive) goes to the inner ring of the DC connector.

In the following photo you have an example of connecting an external battery with a cable manufactured by us:

What Amperage Or How Many Amps.Does The External Battery Have?

The external battery should have a minimum amperage equal to the original of the equipment you have, otherwise the equipment may work but not at maximum performance. For example, the PORT12UHF-BT has a 4.5A battery, so an external battery for this device should also be at least 4.5A.

Can I connect my laptop to the car cigarette lighter?

Car cigarette lighters usually have an amperage of 2A (amps). You can use the car’s cigarette lighter to charge your internal battery, but if it is completely discharged and what you want is for the equipment to ring, keep in mind that if the internal battery of your equipment has a higher amperage.

If I have connected an external battery to my equipment, in what order does the speaker consume them?

The external battery ALWAYS charges the internal one, so the equipment will draw from the internal one and when it gets empty it will recharge from the external one.

Can I charge the external battery by connecting to the light?

NO, you can’t, in fact it is possible that if you do it you will load the equipment’s charging system, so don’t even try it. The external battery must be charged with an external charger, never connected to the equipment.

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