What Is Growth Hacking? Definition And Example?

What Is Growth Hacking? Definition And Example?

Growth hacking  is  an interesting method for budding businesses as well as for all brands that want to generate growth quickly. Several practical and easy techniques have therefore been developed to enable companies to integrate the  growth hacking  system into their operations.

Definition Of Growth Hacking

The practice of growth hacking consists of implementing a set of techniques from the marketing universe in order to produce  rapid growth . With limited resources,  growth hacking  can help you achieve interesting growth. Clearly, you will be able to make several  wonderful innovations  through this method.


This step consists of acquiring leads to increase the visibility of your page. It is therefore important to implement effective natural referencing methods to optimize your website. Also emphasize your company’s inbound marketing strategy.


The action is used to convince  leads  to purchase your products/services. Clearly, they will have to be transformed into users. To do this, ask your Internet users to subscribe to your platform’s newsletter. After they sign up, regularly offer them several items such as  demos  and  white papers . Then, opt for a nice  modern landing page  and add several value-added content to it.


It is essential to retain  prospects  after having acquired them. Many techniques will help you succeed with this technique. For example, you can opt  for automation marketing . This consists of regularly sending emails automatically to  prospects . By doing so, you nurture and maintain a good bond with your visitors. Also use a good  content marketing strategy.

The recommendation

The recommendation will allow you to steadily increase the number of your users. Indeed, when the customer is completely satisfied with your offers and services, he recommends you to other people. You can then convert your buyers into ambassadors who will promote you by word of mouth and on social networks.


You will always make cool gains every time you gain a user. You can also increase the sources of income for your business by regularly improving your various techniques. Make studies and hypotheses upstream before carrying out the tests. Clearly, opt for well-thought-out actions in order to find reliable results.

Growth hacking techniques are similar to inbound marketing because they aim to attract prospects, engage them and turn them into loyal customers. But to implement an effective strategy, it is best to work with a growth marketing agency . Indeed, the latter will be able to accompany you for:

  • the creation of a blog with a content marketing strategy,
  • A/B testing of website pages, landing pages, etc.
  • automation campaigns,
  • optimization of natural referencing (seo),
  • retargeting with the setting up of campaigns on social networks or Google.

Discover Some Examples Of Companies With Growth Hacking Approaches

There are many large companies, which have used this technique to be leaders in their markets today. This is the case for companies like:


The company which is today essential in the field of housing rental between individuals, used the technique of growth hacking to build its user base, its reputation and its clientele. For this, they put a hack, which consisted of recovering the customer base of their competitor Craigslist, in order to offer them to publish their ads on the AirBnB platform. This tactic worked very well to get the company off the ground.


The famous streaming platform now has more than 200 million subscribers. But this success is partly based on the technique of growth hacking. Netflix has bet on a strong presence on social networks, in order to make its offer known to users who love entertainment and more particularly series.

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