The Best Online Business Models

The Best Online Business Models

Every year new business models appear on the Internet. The interest in this world is increasing as people realize the possibilities offered by having an Internet business and how these can help them not only to be their own boss, but to significantly improve their standard of living.

As more and more people want to make a living from an Internet business, there is also more and more competition. Today having your own business on the network requires a lot of work and perseverance, but what business does not require it?

Internet Business Models To Undertake

Nowadays anyone from any profession can make a living from the Internet using the business model that best suits their skills and ambitions.

3 Fundamental elements that an Internet business must have

Before getting to the point and analyzing which are the most profitable Internet businesses, it is worth commenting on the 3 key characteristics that must have regardless of the type chosen.

1) You need to focus on a certain niche.

There are more and more websites and there is more and more competition. Positioning for important keywords is difficult because there are already other well-established companies in each sector. This is why the new norm is specialization.

2) It must be scalable.

The chosen Internet business must be able to generate more and more income without having to significantly increase the time and money you spend on it.

Bad examples would be handmade products or services that require a large investment of time. These types of businesses models are not very scalable because the more you grow, the more time you will have to dedicate to the business.

3) The more automatic it is, the better.

This will make us gain in quality of life. The network offers us a multitude of ways to generate passive income even in businesses that a priori are active.

Scalable Internet Businesses For This Year

In this list we will see both businesses that are trending and others that already have their time but remain as firm alternatives.

Niche pages

Niche pages are and have always been the queens of affiliate marketing and passive income generation. The Amazon affiliate program is the star of this type of business, however there are many other affiliate programs that are also very profitable and also have less competition.

A niche page or an affiliate website in general consists of the recommendation of products to visitors or followers of our page. When users make a purchase through our link we will receive a commission.

The great advantage of this type of business is that it requires hardly any investment and that it is extremely scalable and “passive”.

Info products.

Training products have had enormous growth in this past year. Every day we can see advertising of courses and other info-products. It is usually used as a claim, free training content to attract an audience and later offer a premium course or paid service.

Info products are scalable and fairly passive Internet businesses. The hardest work will be done at the beginning with the elaboration of the training content itself. Once put up for sale, updates must be made if the topic requires it and attended to the students and / followers.

The professional who has this type of Internet business will be able to dedicate himself to work completely on his marketing plan and on the development of his personal brand. These types of courses are usually much cheaper than traditional teaching and also much more practice

Online shop

We live in an age where social media instantly communicates with people from anywhere in the world. Having an Internet business, in this case a store, is always going to be cheaper to set up and maintain than a physical business. It will also give us much more sales reach.

The most useful recommendation in this regard would be to focus on a specific niche and create a store specializing in a very specific type of product focused on a certain group of people. This will make it easier to get customers who prefer your store to more general ones or a more horizontal approach.

You can sell online by managing inventory as in any traditional business. You can also dropship and create a store without inventory and with very little cost.

Open an online print-on-demand store.

Print on demand is another type of dropshipping business and one of the easiest ways to start an online business.

Print on demand services allow you to sell white label products (t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc.) by placing each customer’s Design on them.

You can start with a catalog of designs about series, famous people or viral phrases.

You can create a Minimum Viable Product in a Shopify store to see if this business model works for you. Once a buyer purchases a product, the print-on-demand service will take care of everything. It will print the design on the product and send it to your customer.

After the sale, you only have to pay the base price of the product and the rest will be your profit.

Find a niche:

You must stick to a niche to be able to more easily attract customers interested in that niche (remember what we have talked about specialization).

Get design ideas:

Generate ideas for printing on different products. For that, you can check Pinterest and find different quotes or creative posters.

Let’s say I want to target the programmers and software developers sector. You can take ideas from the Anglo-Saxon market and search Pinterest for “coding funny quotes”. This way you can get hundreds of creative ideas to print on different products.

Create the design:

To start a professional print-on-demand business models, you’ll need designs of different dimensions for various products. You can create the designs yourself using Canva.

Select a print on demand service:

Remember that you have to have the Dropshipping model. One of them may be Printful. Another one that works well is

Integrate the Print on Demand service into your Shopify store:

You can easily integrate a print-on-demand service by adding it from the Shopify app store.


Everyone with entrepreneurial attitudes has a huge ocean of possibilities to make money online. The 4 businesses discussed in this article are very scalable, specific and focused on the person responsible for the business not only to earn money but also quality of life.

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