All You Need To Know About SEO

All You Need To Know About SEO

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is the set of actions and techniques used to improve the positioning (visibility) in search engines of a website on the Internet, within the organic results in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

To do this, search engines collect the list of pages on the web and order it according to their algorithm. These algorithms are updated from time to time to try to offer the user the results that most closely match the search they have made and that no manipulated text or spam is found among the first in the list. You can improve the ranking of webpage with better SEO.

For example, the latest updates made and announced by Google in its algorithms are those made in ‘Panda’ (2011), which penalizes those websites that contain duplicate content from other sites and sources; that of ‘Penguin’ (2012), whose objective is to penalize sites that use manipulative techniques, such as SEO Spam or Web Spam, to improve their rankings; and the one carried out in the ‘Colibri’ (2013), which can interpret the questions asked by users and, therefore, goes beyond the simple analysis of the words that make it up.

Search engines are based on more than 200 factors to position a web page. These factors can be internal or external. The external ones would be those that cannot be controlled and that depend mainly on the behavior that users have on that website, such as whether it is a site that is shared or not on social networks, such as the number of quality links that it has linked, the number of visits it receives, the bounce rate .

The internal ones are those that do depend on the person in charge of the web, such as the loading speed, the authority of the domain, the publication of quality content that corresponds to the keywords, the architecture or structure of the web, the HTML code, write URLs with the necessary information, etc.

Users search the Internet, both in writing and by voice, either through questions or simply with words. Search engines are responsible for showing you a list of websites that contain information about the search you have performed. The same website will receive visits from different profiles, so logically some will be satisfied with what they find there and others will not. SEO techniques and strategies to position a website in the top positions there are many, including:


If the content is going to be prepared for more detailed or professional searches, such as the texts that are written for a blog, they must have certain characteristics such as being original, providing information, having a minimum length and written without mistakes. orthography. To write these contents you have to be very clear about the target you are targeting.

One of the most effective ways to get quality links is with useful and interesting content, as other websites will link and mention it in their articles.

The creation of infographics and visual resources is also an effective technique to get other websites that deal with the same subject to link it, since users prefer this type of content.

Mobile Search Optimization. 

Search engines like Google give preference to those pages that are Mobile Friendly or that are based on the characteristics of the responsive web; that is, they offer the best answer regardless of the device from which the query is made. 

Mobile Friendly sites are those that use text so that it is readable on a mobile without using the zoom and that it is not necessary to scroll horizontally to read it, those that place links with enough distance from each other so that the user can touch the correct one, and those that avoid software that are common to us on mobile devices, such as Flash.

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