How To Resolve [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5] Error Code

How To Resolve [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5] Error Code

The MS Outlook discussion platform and social networking site are often flooded with concerns about Outlook issues. Outlook is not exempt from faults that might cause frustration for its customers as an incorporated postal service. Quick DIY ways to solve [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5] can be found in this post.

This kind of MS Outlook error could be caused by problems with your Internet access or VPN application if you use any. Whichever the source, you can try a few viable treatments to fix the problem.

You could also try removing your VPN application, rebooting your machine, or closing and reopening MS Outlook.

How To Fix This Problem?

The [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5] issue can be fixed using various practical ways. Ensure the Outlook program is closed before using any of the methods.

  • Safe Mode
  • Removed Add-ons.
  • Reset the file that controls the navigation pane’s settings.

Also, the Repair tool cannot fix severely damaged Outlook OST or PST files, and files restored by the File recovery tool will have folder distortion. A data file is frequently lost due to a single erroneous step. In this instance, using an Outlook Pst Restoration to regain your Outlook documents is suggested. Let’s begin by learning how to solve the [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5] fault:

Launch Safe Mode App

  • Another safe mode notification will appear if you enter “safe” in the launch box. You can also utilize outlook.exe if you choose Yes.
  • Please select “safe” from the drop-down menu, then “Start.”
  • Remember: If your account details are requested during verification, provide your login and select “Allow.”

Turn off Add On

  • Launch Outlook, pick General, then Options, and Add-ins.
  • “COM Add-ins” should be selected. To begin, click the Go key.
  • The add-ins which function with Outlook are listed here. Deselect all of them and then click Next.
  • Reinstall Outlook immediately. If the issue continues when you launch MS Windows, consider the alternative solutions listed below.
  • Restore the file that controls the navigational pane’s settings.
  • Go to Home >> Start Command >> Select “resetnavpane” from the Start screen.
  • >> Click Accept. Reboot your machine again.

Outlook gets going on its own. Check whether you’ve encountered the error message “Cannot launch MS Outlook” or otherwise. If the [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5] issue reappears, try deleting the XML document that encodes the Outlook preferences that won’t open using the methods below:

  • On Windows, type %appdata %MSOutlook in the address bar.
  • Choose Outlook, then Locate and Remove the outlook.xml file.
  • Try searching for PST and selecting Restore earlier versions if it doesn’t work.

Search for outlook.exe in the preserved Windows result pages to recover the prior edition of the PST.

  • Right-click outlook.exe and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Back to the previous model.

Only if a restoration point has been made will this procedure function. If no backing was made, restoring a prior copy is pointless.

Use the Inbox Recovery Software to fix Outlook

The Scanpst.Exe is utilized to diagnose and fix [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5] errors in PST documents. Scanpst searches only your private folder files to see whether your information has been damaged.

  • Find the Inbox Recovery Software and execute it. The directory location where the.pst files are saved can be browsed or selected.
  • Program File MS Office is a program that allows you to create documents in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office18
  • Please note that the above scrolling refers to Office 2018. Modify the Office 16 path to Office 18 if you’re using an older version of the program.
  • Phase 1: If Outlook is presently open, quit it and double click it to reopen it.
  • Phase 2: Browse to the location of the directory in which the PST document was saved by clicking Navigate.
  • Phase 3: To begin detecting and repairing the Outlook PST document, Press “Start.”
  • Phase 4: To fix [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5], click Restore.

The primary downside of Scanpst.exe would be that it operates on the earlier version of the PST document, which means that it has a higher risk of harming the PST file than restoration. To repair MS Outlook cannot begin an error by restoring Outlook PST files, it is encouraged to utilize a secure Outlook PST software fix.


And now you know how to change the problem [pii_email_1ea62df2564daf6c39d5]. If you continue to have problems solving the mistake, please inform us in the comment area. More accurate & helpful data is available in other posts. Please return to our site for more exciting stuff.

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