PDFSimpli : The Best PDF Converter

PDFSimpli : The Best PDF Converter

PDFSimpli : PDF or Portable Document Format is a flexible file format developed by Adobe to provide an easy and reliable means to present and exchange documents. It has no regard for the user’s hardware, software, or OS. PDF files are a convenient means of converting documents like

  • Application forms
  • Scanned documents
  • Manuals
  • eBooks

Many websites have since developed Adobe’s file format and increased PDF features. This tool is one of those websites that has perfected the PDF software with additional features.

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Do You Know About PDFSimpli?

PDFSimpli is a PDF software that converts and edits any document without downloads. PDFSimpli has over 1.5 million monthly users; this is quite impressive. Do you know the features of this tool?

  • Edit Existing texts with OCR
  • Sign contracts online
  • Create their forms

What Are The Features Of PDFSimpli?

Dealing with unaltered files is hectic at times. The PDFSimpli website has sufficient software for dealing with such files, and the user can edit the files on-site without downloading additional software. 

The features of PDFSimpli;

  • Convert Excel to PDF
  • Convert PDF to JPG
  • Convert PDF to PNG
  • Convert PDF to Word
  • Convert PowerPoint to PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Feature In-depth

What Are The Advantages Of Using PDFSimpli?

You can get tons of benefits from PDFSimpli without spending any money. Using the site is simplified with the help guide located on the top of the homepage, and the guide has all the procedures for converting and editing different PDF files. Below are the benefits of using PDFSimpli.

Free Editor

PDFSimpli enables the user to upload and edit as many files as possible to the editor. Above the home page, there are outlined instructions on uploading files. You can opt to sign up for this tool without paying any money, and Account-holders get unlimited downloads, shares, and prints

PDFSimpli Saves On Time.

Using the site is simple, thanks to the precise instructions on the homepage. The help guide highlights the following areas;

  • PDF Editor
  • Electronic Signature
  • Adding Texts, Images, and Stamps
  • Watermark
  • PDF Converter
  • Free drawing, shapes, lines, and arrows
  • Highlight, redact and erase
  • Arrange and edit any pages
  • Split, merge, compress and rotate any PDFs

Furthermore, the website has software that tracks your activity while editing your files on the site. There are icons with images that will show you what to do. 

Adjustable File Size

Based on the available space, you can adjust the size of the file. This tool has a split function that separates old files from new files. The site has a Merge PDF feature that enables users to bring together small files.

Specialized Software

PDFSimpli has specialized software for dealing with different professional fields, and the site also gives additional information on these fields. You can learn a thing or two when using this website to edit your files. For example, in medical PDF software, you can learn about the best medical policies. In medical PDF software, you will find health-related articles.

Specialized software available in PDFSimpli are as follows:

  • Finance and tax PDF software, and
  • Medical PDF software, and
  • Real estate PDF software, and
  • Small business PDF software, and
  • Human resource PDF software.

Final Words

PDFSimpli will maximize your productivity by giving you unlimited access to PDF tools at no cost. The site has a four-star rating on Trustpilot from over 40,000 reviews, which means that the site is reliable. You can use the site without signing up or opt to sign up and derive maximum benefits from the website.  

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