List Of Most Popular Operating Systems

List Of Most Popular Operating Systems

Today, the most well-known operating systems around the world are Mac OS and Windows. However, there are also others like Linus which are widely used. Each of these operating systems serves and is used according to the user’s need, which justifies the fact that some are more popular than others. Here are the top 5 of the most used operating systems of the moment.

Windows (Microsoft)

Since it began to be popular in the operating systems market, it has remained the leader in the laptop computer market in the world. In the middle of the year 93 more precisely during the month of July, Windows NT made its entry into the computing world. Windows XP followed in 2001, Windows Server in 2003, and Windows Vista in 2014. 

Over the years, the Windows 10 operating system has been the most recent and modern version from Microsoft. Today, thousands of users are using the Windows operating system across the world.

Mac OS (Apple)

The second most widely used operating system in the world, Mac OS is only functional on laptops from the Apple brand. Note that it was in 1984 that the Apple company marketed the first version of the operating system using Macintosh PCs. 

Over the years, this first Mac OS version has undergone several improvements to make way for Mac OS X and finally Mac OS, the latest version of which is 9.2.2. It is a very secure operating system like all Apple brand devices. It is widely used by international firms and individuals who are looking for a fairly sophisticated system.

iOS (Apple)

Still with the Apple company, we have the iOS operating system that can be found in the brand’s mobile tools, namely: the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod Touch. Indeed, it was in 2008 that “iOS” entered the market and it is based on the Mac OS X 10.5 operating system. It consists of 4 layers namely:

Core OS responsible for the interaction between software and equipment

Core Service which takes care of all the databases and applications, threads and the base of the main libraries intended to manage the network service.

Media for image and sound service

Cocoa Touch grouping the library of the user interface when using the touch screen

Also, the most recent version of the operating system is iOS 5.x (5.0.1).

Android (Google)

Adapted to smartphones, tablet PCs and netbooks based on the Linux kernel, the Android operating system was developed by the company Android Inc and then taken over by Google. 

It is a system in which the functionalities of the equipment are extended by a multitude of developers specializing in the programming of applications linked to the system. Today the number of these applications has increased considerably and reached 25,000 thanks to the Android Market platform.

It was in October 2008 that the system was edited for the first time and integrated into an HTC Dream with “The Serpent” as the first public application. Today, practical for a large number of users, it is present on all smartphones and constitutes one of the operating systems, which use very simple and very fluid.


This operating system was built using GNU software. Indeed, the Linux kernel is a set of operating systems composed of open and free software created by Linus Torvalds. In September 1991, the computer market saw the entry of the first version of the Linux kernel. 

Over the years the operating system has undergone improvements and works on a multitude of computer equipment such as routers, cell phones, PC and supercomputers.

It is the most secure and stable system in the world. Better thanks to its aptitude to facilitate the modification of the source code and to facilitate an audit, it is used by the agents of intelligence, the counter-espionage and the army. Wall Street and London Stock Exchange were also based on this system. Distributed mostly by Ubuntu, Fedora, Open SUSE, Debian and Mandriva, the latest version of the Linux operating system is Hydrogen.

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