Madrasrockers (2022) – Download Tamil HD Movies For Free (UPDATED)

Madrasrockers (2022) – Download Tamil HD Movies For Free (UPDATED)

Madrasrockers is a piracy site that specializes in providing the latest Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies for free downloads. The site is illegal because it violates the Copyright Act by releasing pirated content. The original domain site is blocked from Google search; therefore, the site can only be accessed through proxy URLs. Movierockers was initially specialized in providing the latest Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies, making it popular among the South Indians. Since then, it has expanded its content, providing movies in more than 20 languages and subsequently increasing its client base.   

Best Features Of Madrasrockers Torrent Site

Madrasrockers has some differentiable qualities that make it favorable among movie lovers. These features range from movie quality to the usability of the website. In this section of the article, we will be looking at some of those features that have different users flooding the site to download movies.

Madrasrockers has quality movies occupying significantly less storage space. The movie resolutions range from 360p to 1080p, with the lowest resolution being 360p. The website has high-definition films occupying the least storage space, as little as 300MB. 

Madrasrockers has a lot of movies categorized based on their genres and language. The site was initially specialized in Tamil movies, and Tamil dubbed movies, but it has since expanded its content. The content is now in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi. High-profile movies on the site are translated into native languages to accommodate those who don’t understand. Translated movies are labeled dual-audio; it provides two languages in a single video. Therefore there is no need to download different film versions to understand the storyline.

Searching and downloading movies on the site is very easy. The movies are categorized in labeled slots according to their release date, languages and genres. It is straightforward for users to identify their preferred choice, judging by the grouping. The site can also be accessed through a mobile browser, unlike other torrent sites that can only be accessed by a desktop.

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Pros And Cons Of Using Madrasrockers

Madrasrockers website has a lot of beneficial uses. The user can conveniently download free movies and web series from any part of the world. In this section of the article, we will be looking at the common advantages and disadvantages of downloading movies using the site.

Pros of Downloading Movies Using MadrasRockers

  • There are a considerable number of movies present at the users’ disposal. Before downloading a video, the user has various options to consider.
  • The website has top-notch content. Madrasrockers provides some of the latest, high-quality content for free downloads. 
  • Movies are in different languages. The site is specialized in providing content in native languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi.
  • The site is relatively secure. Before accessing the main domain site, there is a thorough security check. 
  • Lesser ads as compared to other torrent sites
  • The site supports direct downloads.

Cons of Downloading Movies Using Madrasrockers

  • The security verification exercise is time-consuming. A user can be exhausted with the lengthy verification process.
  • The site is illegal; therefore, downloading and uploading content can land one in jail.

Procedure On How To Download Content On The Madrasrockers Site 

Before opening the Madrasrockers website or any torrent site, ensure you have a reliable VPN. A VPN will keep your data protected from hackers; government agencies will also not be able to track your web activity. You must also have a torrent app or an internet download manager for fast downloads. To download free movies on the Madrasrockers website, observe the following steps:

  1. The first step is to open your browser and search Madrasrockers. Results will come in immediately. If you don’t find the site use any of the working URLs provided in this article.
  2. Upon opening the page, you will note some of the latest movies uploaded on the site. Tap on the search bar to search for the content you desire. Results will come in almost immediately. Click on your desired movie to open a new page.
  3. You will notice many pop-up ads, so try as much as possible not to click them because some contain faulty malware that can trouble your computer. If your desktop has an AdBlocker, it is advisable to turn it on when visiting torrent sites. 
  4.  When ads pop up, cancel them. You will spot a thumbnail on the new page and tap to play. Madrasrockers allows users to stream movies on the site. If you have no intention of streaming a movie, continue to download. 
  5. You will spot a download button below the movie. Click on it and wait for your internet download manager to respond. Your IDM extension will present a Start Download option. Click on it, and download will begin immediately. 

Latest Working Madrasrockers URLs

Identifying a working Madrasrockers link is becoming tricky daily because internet service providers constantly ban them. The government has mandated the ISP to track and block illegal torrent sites, and Madrasrockers is no exception. Below are the latest functioning Madrasrockers URLs:


The Madrasrocker Mobile Application

Madras rocker has a phone application that is available online for free downloads. The app enables viewers to stream and downloads their favorite movies and web series comfortably. The Madrasrockers app gives viewers a smooth experience because it has no pop-up ads. The app has the following features:

  • The app has a fast download speed as compared to the website.
  • The mobile app is only supported by Android 4 and above phones
  • There are more than four languages in the mobile application.
  • Madrasrocker mobile app occupies less space. It only occupies 3.09MBs of phone memory.
  • The mobile app is V3.0 meaning it is prompt in carrying out orders.

Alternative Torrent Websites Similar To Madrasrockers

There are some regions where Madrasrockers website is blocked totally, and you cannot access the site using its URLs. In such regions, movie enthusiasts are forced to look for alternative sites that can best satisfy their thirst for movies. Below is a list of the best torrent websites that offer content similar to Madrasrockers site: 

  • YTS
  • 13377x
  • Filmywap
  • Tamilrockers Isaimini
  • Tamilmv
  • HDMovie area
  • Moviespapa
  • Hindilinks4u
  • Filmygod
  • 123MKV
  • Fmovies
  • 1tamilmv
  • SDMoviespoint
  • Cinemavilla
  • Downloadhub
  • Movierulz
  • Torrentcounter

Alternative Legal Websites Like Madrasrockers

Madrasrockers is an illegal website, and as a result, it is blocked in most regions in India. Furthermore, downloading or streaming content on this site can land a viewer in jail. Torrent sites like Madrasrockers contribute to billions of losses in the film industry. The content creators put in a lot of work that is not rewarded adequately. The content creators’ hard work can only be rewarded by viewers buying their content or streaming them on the legal streaming platforms listed below.

Most legal streaming platforms have prepaid subscription plans renewed weekly, monthly, or yearly. From these plans, a viewer can choose one and follow it diligently. The following is a list of Streaming websites available in India:  

  • Hulu TV
  • SonyLiv
  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • HBO
  • Amazon prime
  • Mx Player
  • Sony Crunch
  • Netflix
  • Pop Cornflix
  • ESPN Plus

Categories Of Movies Available In Madrasrockers

Madrasrockers had an extensive database with a lot of different movies. Therefore, web developers group these movies into categories based on their genres. Failure to do so the website will be chaotic and very unattractive. The following are the groups of movies found in Madrasrockers:

  • Drama
  • Horror
  • War 
  • Romance
  • Sports
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Children content
  • Thriller
  • TV show
  • Action

Frequently Asked Questions About Madrasrockers

What Makes Madrasrockers so Popular?

Madrasrockers has gained popularity over the years as a reliable torrent site. What makes it popular among viewers is that it provides the latest movies. The movies are uploaded to the site immediately after they hit cinemas. The site is economical because viewers do not need to pay for theater tickets to watch the latest movies

How Can I Stop Pop-up Ads on Madrasrockers Site? 

The Madrasrockers website has a lot of pop-up ads. These ads are a means by which the website earns income, but this is not the viewers’ concern. To stop the pop-up ads on your desktop, you need to download and install an Ad-blocker Extension. This app will block the ads before they pop up, leaving you to concentrate on your downloads.


Madrasrockers is a popular website that uploads pirated content for free downloads on the web. The site is currently available worldwide. However, it is banned and blocked in some regions because it violates the Copyright Act. 

Madras rockers site, by extension, owns a mobile application. The Madarasrockers mobile application is only supported by Android phones. The app enables users to stream and downloads their favorite web series comfortably without interruptions from ads. Users must, however, take precautions when using torrent sites like Madrasrockers. They can take precautions by activating a solid VPN; the VPN will hide their identity from the ISP and hackers. 

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