KickassTorrent Proxy Websites For Downloading The Latest Movies, TV Series For Free

KickassTorrent Proxy Websites For Downloading The Latest Movies, TV Series For Free

The initial KickassTorrent domain site was allegedly set up in 2008 by a Ukrainian man named Artem Vaulin. KickassTorrent site uses the BitTorrent protocol to facilitate peer file exchange with the help of magnet links and torrent files that a user can download. In 2014 after the shutdown of a rival website, The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent experienced a tremendous increase in visitors, and KickassTorrent had up to one million users daily. The internet service providers noticed this immense increase in users, and in July 2016, the initial domain site was closed. 

In December 2016, Kickass Torrent staff members revived several proxy sites. These proxy sites are in existence up to date, and the ISPs’ efforts to track and block them have been futile because now and again, new proxy sites are disseminating from unknown areas. In this article, we will be identifying the working proxies and how to unblock the blocked Kickass Torrent proxies.

What Is KickssTorrent?

Kickasstorrent is a popular torrent site that provides pirated and copyright content for free downloads. KickassTorrent delivers a lot of content; among these contents are; music, software, movies, series, and games.  

Kickass Torrent took the place of The Pirate Bay, a torrent site that was very popular in 2015. When The Pirate Bay torrent site was shut down in 2016, its visitors reverted to KickassTorrent. Over the years, through its proxies, KickassTorrent has had tremendous growth in the number of clients simply because of its versatility. KickassTorrent is available in more than 40 languages, and the languages vary according to the regions and the people. The site is well maintained with little or no technical hitches. 

Distinctive Features Of KickassTorrent

KickassTorrent has many unique features that make it stand out among torrent sites. These features are:

User-friendly Interface

The user interface is impressive, simply because there are no pop-up ads. The categories of content are clearly outlined on the home page. Each category is assigned a column; Movies have the first column followed by TV Show, Music, Games, Applications, Anime, and then Others list. The list is updated now and then with the latest stuff. There is also a list of the commonly searched content, which comes in handy when you forget the name of the content you are supposed to download. 

Diversification of Content

One of the features that make KickassTorrent so popular is the diverse content on the site. KickassTorrent has movies, music, games, and applications for free downloads. The contents are also available in different languages; the site has content in over 40 languages. KickassTorrent has a vast database that can support a large amount of data. 

Quality content

The contents available in KickassTorrent are of the highest quality, and the movies and series are only available in high-definition pictures. The applications and the games downloaded from the site perform perfectly well, and this level of quality standards is what has attracted clients to the site.

Updated Content

KickassTorrent updates its content now and then, adding the latest content daily. The site has a column for dubbed age; here, the number of days and hours the content has been on the site is demarcated. Therefore it is easy to differentiate the fresh content from the old ones. The home page of KickassTorrent is mainly for the new stuff; here, you can find content as old as 1 second.

Pros And Cons Of Using KickassTorrent

Like a coin with two sides, KickassTorrent also has the good and the bad. This article has outlined the pros and cons of using the KickassTorrent website to download your stuff.

Advantages of Using KickassTorrent to Download Content

  • It has top quality content
  • Content is available in over 40 languages
  • It is easy to download stuff
  • It has less number of ads
  • It has copyrighted content
  • Content is updated hourly

Disadvantages of Using KickassTorrent to Download Stuff

  • Without protection, the users’ data can easily be hacked
  • The site is vulnerable to cyberattacks 
  • The site is banned in most regions, and when found using it, the offense is punishable by law. 

Procedure On How To Download Stuff From KickassTorrent

The original domain of Kickass Torrent is blocked; therefore, the only way to access the site is through a mirror site. Before you open this site, secure your data by purchasing and installing a VPN on your digital device. 

You must also download torrent software like BitTorrent, Utorrent, BitTorrent. The torrent software is required during downloads. After ensuring you have all those, follow these steps to download content from the KickassTorrent website.

  1. First, make sure your device has a steady internet connection. Open any browser, whether it is Chrome, Brave, UC Browser, or Mozilla. Type KickassTorrent on the search bar.
  2. A new page will open with the results, choose one of the proxy sites, and you will be directed to the KickassTorrent site. 
  3. The kickassTorrent page has a lot of content on display. The movies are demarcated and arranged according to their time of upload. If the content you seek is not on display use the search bar. 
  4. A new page will load with the search result. Browse the page; you will notice a magnet symbol next to the download option on the top left corner of the page.
  5. Tap on the magnet symbol, immediately a new page will open, and top of the page, there will be two options, ‘Start Torrent‘ and ‘Copy Magnet Link.’ 
  6. Click option two and open your torrent app and paste the link there. The download will start immediately. You can opt to download the movie directly on the site, but that will take a very long time.

Functioning KickassTorrent Mirror Sites

Since the main domain site has been blocked, KickassTorrent can only be accessed through proxy or mirror sites. Most times, it’s tricky to get a functioning proxy site in India. The following is a list of working KickassTorrent proxy sites in India:

How To Unblock KickassTorrent Proxies?

KickassTorrent gives users pirated content, which spells doom to software developers and content creators. In India, it is illegal to browse and download content from torrent sites like KickassTorrent; such an act is punishable by law. 

However, most users have found innovative methods to navigate these blocks because not everyone can pay the rates on subscription platforms. Some of these methods are:

Using a Proxy website

KickassTorrent main domain website was blocked because of the pirating content found. The developers have since created many proxy websites that anyone can access all over the globe. 

When using a proxy server, the server will mediate the users’ orders. Whenever a user contacts a site like KickassTorrents through a proxy server, internet service providers will only note that the user is linked to the proxy server and not spot the proxy server transmitting torrent data. 

However, internet service providers have identified most proxy servers and blocked them in many regions. There are currently thousands of free 13377x website proxies that enable users to access the site in India.

Tor Browser

Tor Brower has software of its kind. It is a free open source that will hide the users’ web traffic and IP address, hiding their identity from anyone on the web. This browser is available in India and all over the world.

Tor browser becomes handy when unblocking the KickassTorrent proxy sites. The user is anonymized; therefore, the ISP cannot monitor their data. In this case, through Internet Service Providers, the government cannot determine which region or country the user is coming from.

Virtual Private Network

VPN is necessary when downloading content from the KickassTorrent website. Moreover, a VPN has many uses and advantages. It provides the user with security because it avoids data leakage and prevents internet service providers from accessing their IP addresses, location, and even web activity. There are a lot of free VPN sites in India, like CyberGhost, Windscribe, and GoldenFrog. These sites have proven effective when unblocking torrent sites like the KickassTorrent. VPN sites conceal the users’ IP address and location from the Internet Service Providers, making tracking their origin and web activity challenging.   

Similar Torrent Sites To KickassTorrent

Many torrent sites have the same features and functions as Kickass Torrent. Whenever you are unable to download content from Kickass Torrent, you can try these sites:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the KickassTorrent site?

KickassTorrent is free for all website that is available globally. If you prefer quality rather than quantity, then KickassTorrent is your site. You can download up-to-date quality content at no extra cost. 

Is KickassTorrent safe for downloading content?

KickassTorrent is relatively safe for downloading content because it requires a user to have a VPN before downloading anything. A VPN will conceal the users’ identity and data; therefore, a hacker will not identify them on the site. However, a VPN does not ensure the complete safety of the user when on the site. 


KickassTorrent is a giant when it comes to piracy sites. It has an extensive database with categories ranging from games, software, movies, TV shows, and music, and KickassTorrent avails all this content for downloads at no fee at all. However, the user must exercise caution while on the site by using a VPN to hide his identity. 

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