4 Solutions To Protect And Improve The Longevity Of Your Laptop

4 Solutions To Protect And Improve The Longevity Of Your Laptop

Solutions To Protect And Improve The Longevity Of Your Laptop : It’s a fact: the performance of our mobile phones continues to improve year after year, with technological innovations. And yet, at the same time, our systems have never been so fragile and delicate ; so much so that today, a smartphone is struggling to pass the three-year mark. 

Fragility of components, planned obsolescence, abundance of energy-intensive applications, disappearance of spare parts, race for competition, increase in usage time (and therefore risk of incident!), the reasons for the gradual reduction in the longevity of smartphones are many. However, there are solutions to protect your phone and extend its life . Here are 4 tips and advice to improve the longevity of your laptop.

Buy A Protective Case

Often purchased at the same time as the smartphone itself, the protective shell is one of the essential accessories to ensure the protection of your smartphone against (bad) falls, knocks, or scratches. With ever thinner and more fragile phone models, doing without a protective shell is indeed almost unconscious; especially since the majority of cases sold today are light and discreet , which allows you to retain all the aesthetic qualities of your smartphone.

To increase the Longevity Of Your Laptop or phone, choose a shell whose material is relatively grippy , such as silicone. In addition to facilitating the grip, it also absorbs blows particularly well.

You can also choose a clamshell shell, certainly less aesthetic, but also more enveloping; it offers you double protection at the level of the screen. This is far from negligible, when you know that the screen is one of the most fragile parts of a smartphone.

In addition to the shell, it is therefore also absolutely necessary to put a protective film on the screen of your mobile phone, in order to limit the damage in the event of a bad fall. Choose a tempered glass film for this; it’s the ideal tool to protect your screen, while allowing you to maintain touch performance intact.

Take Care Of The Battery

One of the first reflexes to have also, to increase the life of your smartphone , concerns the battery. It is indeed essential to take care of the battery to avoid premature replacement of your mobile phone.

And for that, it is important to understand that leaving your laptop on charge all night is, in the long term, detrimental to the technological capacities of your tool . This is because when it reaches overcharge, the lithium battery automatically stops charging; sudden load changes (off/on) which lead to slowdowns and a gradual loss of autonomy.

It is therefore preferable, to preserve the performance of your smartphone, to carry out several small charges during the day rather than a single large charge during the night. Also, don’t wait to drop below 10% battery to charge your laptop; rather do it when you still have 30 to 50% autonomy.

Pay Attention To Your Phone’s Memory

Like computers, a smartphone heavily loaded with photos, applications, or even videos, may have trouble running properly . Indeed, when your phone’s memory is full, the operating system suffers: applications run more slowly, bugs may appear, etc. All of this can ultimately lead to irreversible failures and precipitate your smartphone towards the end of its life.

So remember to regularly rid your memory of all those “useless” files that you receive on a daily basis, as well as store those that you want to keep, whether in the cloud or on an external hard drive.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures And/ Or Overheating

It goes without saying: given the – highly fragile – components that are in your device, it is best not to subject your phone to too extreme temperatures .

Batteries (lithium, in particular), are indeed particularly sensitive to cold and heat as this article details , and the chemical reactions that take place there slow down considerably when the thermometer approaches the extremes. This can lead to certain system failures (slowness, bugs, inability to launch the heaviest applications, etc.) which, in the long term, can be fatal. So be sure to keep your smartphone in the shade in summer, as well as keep it in your pocket in winter .

Likewise, it is important to prevent your device from overheating . Also, when you’ve been using your laptop for a while and you feel the back of it starting to heat up, put it aside for a few minutes while it cools down.

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