Important Steps To Supply Chain Design Success

Important Steps To Supply Chain Design Success

The design of the supply chain is part of the tasks that a supply chain manager must normally carry out. However, this design may have a series of conditions that must be known in advance. With them, we will be able to make an ideal planning to be able to get the most out of said production chain. 

1.Global Vision

The first measure that we must always take into account in the design of the supply chain is that it is actually the expression of a whole. Thus, supply chain design includes sourcing, distribution, and manufacturing. In supply , aspects such as where and how the necessary materials for supplying production are obtained must be taken into account.

In the case of distribution, communication with the different agents involved in it must be monitored: carriers, associated companies, etc. Likewise, in this sense we must control the routes used. Also other aspects such as the implementation of interesting options for the client such as order tracking. 

Regarding manufacturing, in the design of the supply chain we must take into account all the possible processes involved in it. This can be achieved more efficiently by increasing coordination and control implement through digital applications.

2.Stock And Logistics: Are They The Same?

On many occasions, professionals continue to have a traditional vision of logistics work. This fact is what causes the concepts of logistics and stock to be confused. Stock control has more to do with the supply chain. Logistics with the storage of finished products and materials necessary for production. However, both must be controlled under the same rule.

This consists of trying to optimize the times as much as possible. In the case of stock control, ensuring that the essential elements for production are never lacking. In the case of logistics, making the storage system correct and efficient. At the same time, it can provide all the necessary resources for the demand. The function of a supply chain management , for example, revolves around both aspects and others that must be taken into account in the work of any company.

3.Watch The Quality

One of the most important aspects when designing the supply chain is to take into account the quality of the products it produces. This factor is important in order to retain our customers and obtain a good image of the company among them. For this we can control the processes that could potentially be defective. Likewise, we must establish a good balance between the price we pay our suppliers and the product they offer us.

4.Pay Attention To All The Ways To Improve It

When designing the supply chain, we must take into account the maximum number of possible variables. Improving the supply chain means taking into account the opinions of our customers and their own needs, the capacity of our suppliers and the coordination that we can achieve in real terms with the companies linked to them and that are external to our company . 

All these services contribute to give final value to our product and, consequently, improve the general performance when planning the design of the supply chain.

5.It Has The Best Possible Human Team

The selection of a human team that can respond as we need is one of the most important functions when designing the supply chain. That is why we recommend that you periodically visit the facilities and be very aware of your human team . Avoiding downtime, poor guidelines or omission of established hierarchies and plans are some of the aspects that you must take into account in this regard.

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