How To Convert PDF Into Word?

How To Convert PDF Into Word?

Do you want to edit the texts of a PDF file to be able to incorporate them quickly and easily into a new project? We show you how you can convert a PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat or free online services.

If you need the texts of a PDF file for other purposes or projects, it can be very useful to convert a PDF to Word. The advantage is that the texts are displayed with the formatting in the PDF and can be edited quickly and easily in a word processing program. If you want to convert a PDF to Word, thanks to  Adobe Acrobat  and various  online converters  and  offline programs, you have several possibilities. 

Convert A PDF Into Word With Adobe Acrobat

The fastest and easiest way to convert a PDF to Word is through the paid program Adobe Acrobat. You can export the PDF file through the menu or the tools. To export it, select  the Microsoft Word command from the File · Export to menu  .

Different Possibilities

You can also convert PDF to Word through the Tools tab  . This procedure allows you to  proceed manually . To do this, make the tools visible and click Export PDF file . Then you can save the PDF as a Word file (.docx) or as a Word document (.doc). 

When you confirm the export, in the next dialog you can still make settings for the conversion. There, click on Settings and another dialog box will open.

Text Style

Here you determine if you want the conversion to result in text that is as continuous as possible, or if you prefer to orient the conversion as much as possible to the layout of the file. The decision depends on the purpose for which you want to convert the file to Word. If you want text that can be processed as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, then select Keep Text Continuous . But if you’d rather stay as true to the original layout as possible, then click Keep Page Layout .

The final result of the conversion depends on the source file and the difference may be greater or less, or barely noticeable. In layouts with many continuous texts, the differences between the two settings are rather small. In contrast, in a one-part layout, the “Continuous Text” setting works with tabs and section breaks. In the setting that is oriented according to the layout of the page, text frames appear separately located.

Convert Text fragments From PDF To Word

If you only need a certain portion of the file as a Word document, you don’t need to convert the entire document. You can convert exactly the part of text you need from PDF to Word.

Convert PDF To Word – Online Converters

As always when it comes to editing , here are also some online services with which you can convert a portable document into Word. This is achieved easily, quickly and completely free of charge . For this alternative, you do not need the paid version of Acrobat, nor an alternative software. As with online services you can convert file to Word directly online, you don’t need to download software and install it.

The disadvantage of online services that convert a PDF to Word is that you must upload your document to the provider’s website, that is, to a third-party server. 

And this means that you can no longer control data protection directly. Some of the Internet converters claim that they delete the files after a certain time. But this is something that you cannot control, the only thing you can do is trust the converter.

If you work with data that does not contain sensitive content or is subject to data protection, then the versatile online services are an attractive alternative for converting PDF to Word. With the following online providers you can convert a PDF to Word:

  • SmallPDF 
  • IlovePDF
  • PDF24 Tools

The PDF2DOC provider converts quickly and without complications. It is not possible to make specifications for the conversion. The results of converting PDF to Word are similar to those of Acrobat and can be put to good use. In addition, PDF2DOC has a point in its favor: this online service also converts texts from included images, which Acrobat achieves. But the small disadvantage is that the colors of the images change noticeably due to the conversion algorithm. On the other hand, the provider ensures that the uploaded files are deleted after one hour.

Also SmallPDF contains a large number of functions to edit a PDF, among others, converting from PDF to Word. Smallpdf can also directly access your Google Drive or Dropbox. However, it is also not possible to influence preferences here. Conversion is quick and easy, the results are excellent – text in an image is also converted, and color handling is fine.

IlovePDF is also intuitive to use and works quickly. The PDF to Word command from the menu takes you directly to the point where you can upload a PDF for conversion. The results are similar to the other two providers, also to Acrobat.

PDF24 Tools is a good tool for editing PDF even though its interface gives the impression of being outdated. To be able to convert a PDF to Word, click the Convert PDF to… tool . 

Then upload the PDF and select the DOCX format from the drop-down menu . The result is completely different from all other conversions: we get continuous text with no backgrounds, no images, and no formatting . But if you look more closely, you can see that there are a lot of (unnecessary in this case) line wraps in continuous text.

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