How To Choose A Giant Outdoor LED Screen?

How To Choose A Giant Outdoor LED Screen?

Outdoor LED Screen : In city centers, near shopping areas and on the signs themselves, giant LED screens are becoming effective and remarkable communication tools. The sector is expanding and many models of outdoor LED screens are available on the market. But not all are equal. How to choose an outdoor LED screen? The criteria to consider.

The Technical Characteristics Of An Outdoor LED Screen

The technical characteristics differ from one outdoor LED screen to another, depending on the brand and model. They are known before the purchase or rental . It is important to consult them, because they have a direct impact on the visual effect produced when the advertising message is broadcast. Note that all outdoor advertising is subject to rules to protect the environment.

The Contrast

The color contrast catches the eye on an outdoor LED panel. This is the difference in perception between colors, especially black and white which are two extremes. The higher the contrast ratio between black and white, the sharper and better the image.

The LED technology used on outdoor screens is the one that offers the best contrast ratios. Because the LEDs of a giant screen can be adjusted individually. They allow the contrast to be fine-tuned, taking into account the natural ambient light, depending on the time of day or night and the location of the outdoor screen.

Viewing Angles

An exterior panel is visible from afar. It is observed from different angles  : from the front, but also obliquely, from below or from above depending on its position. The image quality should therefore ideally be reproduced evenly across the entire outdoor LED screen .

An Anti-reflective Outdoor Screen

It is also important that the sun does not reflect on the LED screen . It can cause real visual discomfort when reading the broadcast message.

Take Into Account External Constraints

Other more subjective criteria also come into consideration when choosing an  LED screen. These are in particular induced by the environment in which the device will be placed.

A screen resistant to climatic hazards

Only a device designed for this purpose can be installed outdoors without suffering serious damage in the short, medium or long term. For a lasting investment , it is essential to check that the giant screen panel chosen is well designed for the outdoors.

The outdoor LED screen is exposed to all weather conditions  : sun, wind, rain, hail, frost, snow… Also, the LEDs must be able to withstand these climatic hazards. The strength of UV, the wind which carries particular dust and other debris, the bite of the cold, the humidity of mist and rain can weaken poorly protected components.

Size and location for good visibility

While resolution and color contrast are of great importance, the visibility of the outdoor LED screen also depends on its size. Too small or too big, the device will not fully fulfill its role. In either case, it risks being partially or completely invisible.

The location of the future panel determines the size of the screen. For example, depending on whether it will be hung directly on the building of the sign or on a pillar at the edge of a busy road, the ideal size will not be the same. The message carried by the screen, when it is intended to be read by travelers traveling by car, will need more surface area than the same message when it is intended for pedestrians.

Similarly, depending on whether the outdoor LED screen is placed in an area that is very rich in advertising displays or in a space that is totally devoid of them, the impact will be completely different.

Another criterion to consider is the available recoil (pitch). It can be more or less important depending on the surrounding environment.

The price

Even if it can allow a good return on investment thanks to the advertising messages it broadcasts, the display on an outdoor LED screen requires a substantial budget . It is a recent technology device, and the demand is high.

If it is a question of communicating permanently, for example by hanging the outdoor LED screen on the front of your store, then buying is the best solution to amortise your investment.

For a one -time communication campaign at a lower cost, the solution of renting an outdoor LED screen can be advantageous.

An outdoor LED screen is a great tool when it is well chosen and well used. To do this, you must both take the time to think about your project, to define all the ins and outs, before comparing the models available via their technical sheets.

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