How To Boost Your Customers With Instagram

How To Boost Your Customers With Instagram

Instagram is on everyone’s lips and is no longer just a matter for millennials or generation Z. During the last year, it has begun to be a more trending topic than other social networks, thanks to its commitment to the video format with the launch of IGTV, the great novelty of Instagram Shopping or the format of stories that everyone already knows.

Instagram looks at its older brothers and its main competitors and, for now, it is doing well. Why should a brand bet on social commerce with Instagram? Today, we tell you our reasons.

But, first of all, you should know that Instagram has had a very positive growth in the last year, since it has almost doubled the users in new users and is one of the social networks with the most note according to the Internet users themselves. 

The forecast is that it will continue to boom and that is that one in four users declares that they look for information on Instagram before buying a product, a figure that has increased by 13% compared to the previous year. The data speaks for itself (if you want, you can review the last annual study of social networks that we have carried out and verify it) and that is that Instagram is a new showcase for your brand.

Instagram Shopping, the new opportunity for Social Commerce

Social Commerce is understood as the use of social networks as another sales channel and Instagram makes it easier than ever. He is aware that 80% of users follow company accounts on a daily basis and that is why he has launched Instagram Shopping this year.

This is the name given to the social network tool that allows products to be tagged as if it were a person, adding the price and a description. That is, Instagram Shopping seeks that the social network is like an immersive showcase where the user can see up to 5 photos. 

A unique opportunity to give value to the products, not only showing it but also inspiring on, for example, how to combine shoes or showing how they look. The ideal thing would be to be able to take advantage of these five photos to offer products from different angles of the shoe, if we want to sell this type of product, so that the heel, the sole, the quality, the shape can be appreciated and above all, inspire the user and surprise him.

Through a few clicks, the potential customer will be able to buy through the Instagram application. It is even easier than entering a physical or online store.

Squeezing The Bio Is Also Social Commerce

As we are seeing, the best way to understand Social Commerce is to translate it into a showcase to understand the functionalities that the first contact with the brand can have. In addition to Instagram Shopping and hashtags, there are other parameters to take into account to increase shoe sales, such as the biography. 

The URL In Bio Is A Must

The URL in bio is no longer optional, it is mandatory. It can take you to the homepage of the website, to a specific campaign, to the link provided by Instagram Shopping or to a product, for example footwear, that we are interested in promoting at a certain time. That is, if we are in the middle of going back to school, why not highlight the shoes to go to school, boots for when the rain returns or sports shoes for their physical education classes? The more doors we open, the more users will drop.

Of course, it is very important to track the links to be able to analyze where the traffic is coming from at all times and customize the link so that the user can choose at a glance whether they are interested or not. Small details are more important than ever: Internet decisions take just seconds!

In The Bio, The Highlights Make The Difference

As you are sure you already know, you can highlight stories so that they stay in your bio. Why don’t we use them to highlight those same shoes that we have talked about? You can present the product in another way that attracts attention or inspire users in other ways to create engagement. The best? That way it does not expire after 24 hours and will allow you to continue monitoring the number of views. We personally love how adidas does it in this regard.

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