How The Website Architecture Affects SEO

How The Website Architecture Affects SEO

Performing SEO audits we find ourselves time after time with the same problems in the architecture of the web. It is okay to worry about Internet users, since the user experience is vital, but just as important is to think while planning the web and developing in search engines, since in this way we avoid unexpected stops and the much hated double spending .

Not all SEO actions will be satisfactory if you have errors in the server, in the navigation and in the configuration of the architecture of your website.

What Is The Architecture Of The Web?

Web architecture is the way in which each page of your website is linked to another . In other words, it’s the way people and search engines navigate your entire website. The search engine spiders also browse our website, since they are in charge of indexing them, therefore if we put technological barriers on them it is likely that although the user can navigate, the search engine spider does not do so and leaves part of our website without indexing , ignoring the optimization and the writing of texts of some pages, that is to say: it will be time and money wasted.

As an example, a certain car parts sales page comes to mind. It is a website that has a fantastic form to find the parts of the vehicle you are looking for in a few seconds. This is great for the user, but nefarious for the search engine spiders , since they would not index the product pages or the searches that these pages can generate, such as: “brake pads for mini cooper”.

This problem of the site in question was tried to solve by adding an xml sitemap from the Google Webmaster Tools console , but without links within the web itself . It did not help much.

In addition, to try to solve it, they also created quite generic landing pages in which they did not talk about specific models of cars or specific parts, but they did not serve their objectives either.

Unfortunately, after investing time in these “patches”, they had no choice but to redesign and program the web from scratch . Do you see what I was saying before double spending? Programming a website based on certain objectives and characteristics is vital for the proper development of the project and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Internal Link Building

Before becoming strong outside the home, we must be strong from the inside. Thus, a correct link between all the pages of the web is vital. In fact, a correct navigation scheme , apart from a correct indexing, helps us to give Google extra information about the pages that are most important to us.

How Do We Do It?

The idea is to create a funnel through the linking of the pages so that the main pages receive more internal links than the secondary ones.

Simply put, pages that are easy to find and have lots of internal links have a chance to rank for more competitive keywords. This is why the second-level indexing pages (the ones one click away from home) should be the ones that contain the most important content .

Therefore, the hierarchy of the architecture of a website should have the following levels:

Level 1

Home page. In general, it is the most popular page on the site , since it has links from all the pages of the domain, and it is also possible to optimize for more generic and competitive keywords .

Level 2

L pages that are linked as from the menu and are just a click away from the home. They are usually used for important products or service pages of the company. The optimization of these pages should always be done by generic terms, but related to the category itself .

Level 3

The pages of specific products or services are less important to the company.

Level 4

They are usually used for pages in which their content provides added value to the rest of the page, such as blogs, articles, videos, podcasts , etc . That is, level 4 is the basis for content marketing strategies .

If this type of page is correctly optimized, it will receive a large amount of traffic from search engines and social networks, helping to give credibility to the services or products of the higher levels .

Summarizing: It is vital to be aware that you must be very careful in proposing the needs of a website , and not leave unplanned the way to show the categories of products and / or services, since a perfect and harmonious coexistence between our website and search engines .

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