Guide To Know Linux And Learn How To Use It

Guide To Know Linux And Learn How To Use It

Linux : The most normal thing when you are asked about the operating system of your computer is that you answer that you have Windows or Mac. A large percentage of the world’s population works with them, and it is normal for them to be strong defenders of what they use. Some time ago, in another post, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Windows and Mac, but what about the Linux operating system? The open source operating system with a penguin as a pet is a minority with respect to the other two, but it has its followers and, curiously, they are becoming more and more.

And why is this number of lovers of the OS devised by finnish-born software engineer Linus Torvalds increasing? Because today’s society is much more technological than the one that preceded us. You no longer have to be a computer genius to, for example, customize your computer thanks to the multiple options that Linux gives us. And, why not say it, because the fact that it is an Open Source tool means that we do not have to pay a single euro in licenses for it. With how bad the thing is, just for this fact it would be worth learning what it takes to work for Linux.

But you know what? That you don’t have to learn much to be able to forget about Mac and Windows forever! The truth is that you just have to dare to take the step, download the version of the software that best suits us and start working with it. Today, we tell you everything you need to know to lose your fear of Linux and get down to work with it. We assure you that you will get used to it right away, you will not want to know anything about another operating system anymore!

What Are The Advantages Of Linux?

The features of the Linux operating system make it, without a doubt, the most versatile of those we have available today. It is also the most unknown, something that plays against it, but it is that with it as with renewable energies: they are better than traditional ones, the only thing to do is to educate the population so that they learn to use them.

Now, to convince someone to change the comfortable for the efficient, you have to talk about the advantages of the new option. Fortunately, although the Linux operating system has advantages and disadvantages, the former win by a landslide. They are many and very varied, and the clearest of them all, one of the most important when talking about computer software in addition to its operation, is the price. Linux is completely free. 

We will not have to pay a single euro for your license, and if this is important in a home… imagine what it means at the business level. Choosing between Linux or Windows can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars for a large company, so more and more people are opting for this way of working!

A good example of this is, for example, SysAdmin. This server management company has managed to open a gap in an increasingly complicated market thanks to its competitive prices, and these are possible thanks to the large amount of money saved thanks to Linux.

Other great advantages of the Linux operating system are the large number of customization options available, the multiple Linux commands that we can learn to automate tasks or that we can choose the version we want to start working. But let’s go little by little!

Advantages Of Linux Over Other Operating Systems

Although it is true that there are certain commercial programs that do not support Linux, it is no less true that today there are a lot of online resources that make our lives much easier. So, unless we want a computer to play video games, there is practically nothing we can not do with the Linux operating system. And now that we know its main disadvantage, what do you think if we begin to see its many qualities?

  • We have already said it on several occasions, but we will repeat them as many as necessary: Linux is free, and all the programs you need to use in it are also free.
  • The management freedoms that we find within the Linux operating system are enormous, we can basically do whatever we want with it! However, both Windows and Mac are much more limited in that regard. They sell us a very definite product, and we must act as its creators have foreseen that we will.
  • Most of the viruses that are hanging around cyberspace are specially designed to damage computers with Windows as an operating system. Linux, like Mac, can suffer some kind of cyberattack, but it is not usual.
  • The hardware requirements demanded by the Linux operating system are much lower than those of its competitors. In fact, using Linux for older computers is the best option to get all the juice they still have to give. A computer that may seem absolutely useless can be an interesting machine depending on the versions of the Linux operating system that we choose for it.
  • The stability offered by a Linux system is practically unmatched.

As you can see, downloading Linux is not only saving a peak. In addition, its bonanzas are well worth the little time we invest in change. Linux features make.

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Linux Customizations

When we start a computer with Windows or Mac we are not only accessing a way of working of each of the operating systems. In addition, we are entering fully into predefined environments conscientiously so that we can not get out of them much. Come on, basically the only thing we can do is choose the wallpaper we want on our desktop, and thank you!

Of course, if we talk about the Linux operating system, things change. The fact that it is an Open Source OS, open source, makes the users themselves (the most advanced) create their own custom environments and share them so that anyone can use them. Is this dangerous? Not at all, all we do is tell Linux how we want to see it on screen, how we want its shape to be, but we’re not giving anyone access to our computer, and that’s important to know. And we can’t just choose operating system customizations. Within it we can choose different desktop environments, or even window managers.

This makes talking about choosing between Linux or Windows, in terms of customization, make no sense at all. There is no possible comparison. In Windows you have to settle for what they give you, while in Linux you can go directly to the source and install everything you want. What if you get bored? Well, you change again, it’s that easy! Installing Linux is accessing a completely new world of possibilities, creation and enjoyment. There is no element that we can not change when we feel like it, and that is an incentive when working with our computer. Between a version of Windows or Mac many years pass, from Linux we can change every month if we want!

Linux Desktop

When we talk about ‘desktop’ in Linux, we refer to the use that we are going to give to our computer. Specifically, that we are going to give it a domestic use and not as a server. This configuration must be chosen at the beginning of the Linux installation and must be taken into account when we are going to install different distributions, as there are some that have been specifically designed for use on the desktop.

  • The good thing about this is that, if we are going to use it at home, the normal thing is that we find some packages of pre-installed programs that will make our lives much easier. Without a doubt, a must for beginners in Linux.

What we must understand about desktop environments is that, in addition to their aesthetics, we must choose one or the other depending on the resources of our machine. That is, if we have a state-of-the-art computer, we can use the one we like, there will be no problem. However, if we have decided to install Linux on an old machine to be able to continue using it for a while, it is best to opt for an optimized desktop environment so as not to consume hardly any resources to work.

There are a good number of desktop environments and you can always switch from one to the other without problem. Of course, if you have never worked with them before, here is a selection of the most popular for you to try until you find the one that best suits you:

  • Cinnamon
  • Mate
  • Unity
  • xmonad
  • GNOME 3.X
  • XFCE
  • KDE

What if it’s none of these? At least you will have enough practice to try for yourself! You already know that ‘knowledge has no place’. It will occupy the environment, but just enough to be able to work without weighing down your RAM, we are convinced that you will hallucinate with the customization capabilities of Linux!

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