Google Sphere Trick: A Fun Way To Search On Google

Google Sphere Trick: A Fun Way To Search On Google

Google Sphere Trick: Google has developed several tricks to entertain users when surfing the internet. Google sphere is among these fun tricks. These tricks have amusing interfaces with varying themes. Let’s start; we are going to highlight;

  • Google sphere theme 
  • How to access Google sphere
  • Similar tricks available in Google 

What Is Google Sphere?

Google sphere is a theme in Google search where the Google elements appear to be rotating around a sphere. You can use the cursor to increase the intensity of the sphere. The Google search bar is immobile and centered in the middle. 

It was developed by a Google developer called Ricardo Cabello, also known as Mr.Doob. Ricardo is responsible for developing Google tricks like;

  • Google Gravity
  • Thanos Snap
  • Google Sphere Atari
  • Google Underwater
  • Google Sphere Lava
  • Google Mirror
  • Google Zerg Rush

Steps Involved In Accessing Google Sphere

Accessing Google Sphere is relatively easy when you have the basic requirements. You must have;

Once you have these tools, follow the steps below to access Google Sphere.

Step 1

  • First, ensure that you enable JavaScript on the device. 
  • Google sphere can be accessed using phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. 
  • Open your browser and enter

Step 2

  • Google home page will open immediately
  • Enter Google Sphere on the search bar.
  • Don’t click search.

Step 3

  • You will notice two slots below the search bar.
  • The first slot is written Google Search, and the second slot I’m Feeling Lucky
  • Click on the second slot

Step 4

  • Google Sphere will automatically open. 
  • You can now enjoy playing with it.

If the site fails to open, go to the home page and search Google Sphere by Mr. Doob. The first result will open Google Sphere. You can also open Google Sphere using this link; Google Sphere Link.

Similar Tricks From Google

Apart from this, Google has developed other fun games for the viewers to enjoy. In this section, we want to highlight the best tricks from Google and how to access them.

Google Thanos Snap

Thanos snap will be a familiar term if you have watched Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos is an evil supervillain from the Marvels universe to those who have not watched Avengers Infinity. Thanos assembled the four infinity stones and reduced the world population by half through a finger snap. 

In Thanos Snap, when you click Thanos’ finger, the Google search results begin to disappear. A second snap of the finger makes the results reappear. Thanos snap has unique sound effects.

To access Thanos Snap follow the steps below

  1. Open your browser and search
  2. Enter the word Thanos Snap and search.
  3. When the subsequent page loads, you will notice a brief biography of Thanos. Read it to know more about Thanos if you don’t know him. 
  4. Below the images, there is a golden gauntlet.
  5. Click on the gauntlet to experience Thanos Snap.
  6. Once you click it, you will hear the snapping of a finger.
  7. Search results will start disappearing slowly. As if the search results disappear into thin air.
  8. Search results will reduce by half.
  9. Click the gauntlet a second time to retrieve the lost results.

The Wizard Of Oz Easter egg Trick

This fun trick is based on the children’s book from the 30s, “The Wizard of Oz.” This Google trick is based on the 1939 movie. A pair of red heels are seen on the Google search home page. When you click these heels, the magic trick happens. 

In the background, you will hear Judy Garland saying, “There is no place like home.” The page will rotate very fast in a clockwise manner. When the subsequent page sets in, you will notice a spinning tornado image in place of the red heels. 

To return to the initial page, click the tornado. The home screen will spin very fast in a clockwise direction. When the home page settles, you will notice the red heels.

To access the Wizard of Oz Google trick, follow the steps below

  1. First of all, You have to open your browser and enter
  2. While on the Google home page, type Wizard of Oz Google Trick and click search.
  3. Do not click search. You will notice two buttons, Google search, and I’m Feeling Lucky, below the Google search bar.
  4. Click on I’m Feeling Lucky to open the Wizard of Oz google trick.
  5. Once on the search home page, you can click the red heels to continue enjoying the trick.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is another amusing google trick. Many ‘Os’ appear in this game on top and bottom of the home page and start attacking the page results. The Os eat up the result as they proceed to the later results. You have to stop the Os by clearing them out.  

To access Zerg Rush, follow the steps bellows:

  1. Open your browser and search
  2. Once it opens the Google homepage, type the word, Zerg Rush.
  3. Do not click search but instead click I’m Feeling Lucky beside Google Search.
  4. Zerg Rush will open automatically.
  5. Immediately you open the page, several Os will appear and start eating up the search results. 
  6. Start playing by clicking Clear to stop the attack on your results.


Google Sphere is an incredible trick that keeps users entertained when surfing the internet. Ricardo Cabello, aka Mr. Doob, developed it. Google has since developed a lot of fun tricks for the amusement of users. These tricks help break boredom and help users unwind. 

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