12 Equity Markets In Finance

12 Equity Markets In Finance

In this article, we’re sharing our ideas on 12 best Equity Markets. So, follow the article completely and can ask your queries in the comment section.

What Is An Equity Market?

The equity market , or stock market, is one that reflects business expectations and, therefore, the general economic situation of the different countries internationally. When you usually talk about the Stock Market, you are generally referring to equity markets . And when you talk about products or equities, you are referring, above all, to company stocks.

Types Of Equity markets

There are many exchanges or equity markets in the world. Although, we can highlight a series of markets that are mandatory for Latin American investors. And it is that the stock market has a global opening, that is, anyone can enter and operate in these types of markets.

Ibex 35

The IBEX 35 index is the index made up of the 35 most liquid securities listed on the Stock Exchange Interconnection System, used as a national and international benchmark and underlying in the trading of derivative products.


The MAB (Alternative Stock Market) is a market in which small companies that cannot be listed on the Stock Market are listed. It is currently made up of 39 companies.


The New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock market in the world. Around 2,800 companies (large, small and medium-sized) are listed on this exchange with a market capitalization of 19.60 billion dollars and a volume close to 21 billion.


Nasdaq is the largest automated electronic stock exchange in the United States. More than 7,000 stocks in the technology sector such as electronics, computing, telecommunications or biotechnology are listed on the Nasdaq.

The London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange is one of the world’s leading equity markets . It currently has a market capitalization of around 4 trillion and a volume of over 2.5 trillion dollars.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the main market in Asia. The Tokyo Stock Exchange index is the Nikkei 225, it is the most important stock market benchmark for the Asian market and the most popular in the Japanese market.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong derivatives market and clearing houses operate on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It has important companies such as PetroChina, China Mobile or the Industrial Bank of China.

Shanghai Stock Exchange

The Shanghai Stock Exchange is another of the main ones in the Asian market. The SSE Composite is the main index. This index is made up of all the securities (class A and B shares) that are traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Deutsche Borse Stock Exchange

Headquartered in Frankfurt, the Deutsche Börse Stock Exchange is one of the leading stock exchanges in Europe. It is important to mention that this is one of the only stock exchanges that is involved with non-profit organizations.

Toronto Stock Exchange

The Toronto Stock Exchange is owned by the TMX Group, a leader in the mining and gas sector. In this exchange, numerous operations are carried out, among which we can find: exchange of securities, exchange-traded funds, trusts and income investment funds.

Paris Stock Exchange

The Paris Stock Exchange (French: Bourse de Paris), renamed Euronext Paris in 2000, is the main stock market in France.

Australian Stock Exchange

The Australian Stock Exchange or Australian Securities Exchange is the main equity market on the Australian continent. It operates with products such as bonds, stocks or raw materials.

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