Enhance Your Work Productivity With Power Automate

Enhance Your Work Productivity With Power Automate

Power Automate : Within the great suite of productivity solutions in the  Office 365 cloud  we find one of the tools that is perhaps one of the most unknown, we are talking about  Power Automate , a Microsoft solution   that provides us with help in the management and automation of work processes with the capacity to manage the flows that are carried out.

Power Automate is the new version of Microsoft Flow , the ideal tool to configure all processes at 100%. In addition, not only does it allow work in the cloud, but you can also work locally, generating fully automated actions.

Not only has Microsoft renamed this solution, but it has also provided it with new features such as robotic process automation (RPA) and, as part of the  Office 365 solution package,  it is a mobile app that has the functionality of work in real time and from any device or place.

What Is Power Automate?

The concession that  Microsoft has given  to its solution,  Power Automate , has been to provide it with sufficient capacity to develop or edit workflows, whether in applications or in the different services implemented for the synchronization of documents, execution and data storage. or receiving notifications online or through different mobile devices on the sites that have been created.

But  what is a flow?  They are the different rules that occur in the synchronization of the actions executed by the same or different tools.

To do this,  Power Automate has five parts to carry out the development of the tasks:

  • Source: part from where the information is obtained.
  • Triggers: actions that will produce the development of the flow.
  • Actions: task that we want Flow to perform and execute.
  • Conditions: through the conditions we can establish preferences on different cases.
  • Loops: allows the repetition and execution of the action as many times as we want.

How Does It Work?

The main requirement to launch a project in  Power Automate  is to have an  Office 365 license . Next, we will have to access the application and start using the multiple features it has.

Steps to follow:

  • Access the solution through  Office 365
  • Select the flow that we want to create: from scratch or using the predesigned templates offered by the application.
  • The flow (Flow) consists of two elements which execute the process (trigger) and the action to be executed.
  • Select trigger based on: event, recurrence, by URL or by  PowerApps .

Case Study

Development of a Flow that integrates a potential to  Dynamics 365  and a record in the email marketing tool when a user with more than 100 followers publishes a tweet with company content.

Main features

Within the wide range of features that  Power Automate  offers us when it comes to automating our tasks, we highlight:

  • Possibility to choose a service from a range of options.
  • Sending an acceptance email when adding a new field within a  SharePoint list .
  • Access to detailed information on each flow.
  • Office 365 email attachment  storage  on  OneDrive .
  • Registration of the forms in Forms within a  SharePoint list .
  • Sending an email when receiving data alerts in  PowerBI .
  • Performing analysis on tweets and including results in  PowerBI .
  • Secure connectivity to local data and cloud-based services.
  • Making tasks in Planner when doing tasks in  Outlook .
  • Creation of integrated or personalized policies for the prevention of data loss, guaranteeing information security.

But  the main feature and novelty of Power Automate is the robotic process automation feature . With this new functionality, Microsoft enables the creation of connectors between the more than 300 applications for companies from all kinds of sectors with different workflows.

RPA functions make it possible to automate your business processes through bots. The use of AI in production processes will optimize the work times of your workers and leave those monotonous tasks in the hands of bots to achieve them.

Connect Your Company To Microsoft Flow

Take advantage of all the potential that the Office 365 tool offers you  and start using the Power Automate   solution  within your organization’s environment.

Automatically connect the synchronization of all your documents through  OneDrive  through any source, make  Power Automate  the infinite source of automations and start seeing optimized efforts, resources and strategies in the most important thing, your customers.

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