Electronic Cigarette: How Does It Work?

Electronic Cigarette: How Does It Work?

In many respects, the electronic cigarette has relegated other alternatives to tobacco to the background. It must be said that this device, invented nearly twenty years ago, has enabled hundreds of thousands of French smokers to quit. 

Because smoking cessation is also a psychological matter, understanding how electronic cigarettes work can help you multiply your efforts to get rid of your nicotine addiction. By what miracle is this little piece of equipment able to give you so many sensations without the risks associated with smoking?

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In The Bowels Of The Electronic Cigarette

Contrary to what one might think, the electronic cigarette is not a very complicated device. When it is dissected, we find various small familiar elements. The battery is obviously the source of energy for your e-cigarette. It will heat the resistance to allow you to vape. 

The more an electronic cigarette has a high voltage, the more vapor it will deliver from the heating of the e-liquid. In addition to the battery, the e-cigarette contains an atomizer. You have certainly heard of it, because it is the most important element of the device. It is also on this part that manufacturers are concentrating their R&D efforts in order to do well in an increasingly competitive market. The atomizer includes a resistor in the form of a heating wire. 

How Does An Electronic cigarette Work?

How does an electronic cigarette work? This is the question we will try to answer in this section. Vaping involves inhaling smoke produced by heating a liquid, not tobacco as is the case with traditional cigarettes, where the smoke is produced by combustion. Concretely, the e-liquid reservoir (a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, aromas and nicotine) is crossed by a cotton or silica fiber wick. 

When you press the button on your electronic cigarette or put its mouthpiece in your mouth to vape (some e-cigarettes work automatically, without you having to press a button), this wick is heated by the resistance which surrounds it, which heats the liquid and produces vapor when you inhale.

How To Choose An Electronic Cigarette?

It depends on several factors, including your lifestyle, your consumption or more simply your tastes in this area. Our advice: before choosing your e-cigarette, first consider your consumption.

This is what will determine the most suitable type of device and, in turn, your chances of successfully quitting smoking. Start by determining the approximate number of puffs you want to inhale to choose the battery power and the volume of the “clearomizer” that will meet your needs. In the same vein, remember to choose a model with a battery whose autonomy corresponds to your consumption habits. 

At this level, be aware that the autonomy of the battery depends on its power (expressed in mAh).

What About The Choice Of E-liquid?

Today there is a wide variety of flavors and aromas of e-liquids, which range from classic flavors to the most unusual. Every day, a new fragrance is released to satisfy the tastes of users. This is also a point that worries the health authorities, fearing a strong attraction of this perfume offer on the youngest.

How to choose your e-liquid? Simply by determining the throat sensation you prefer. This is called “hit power”. This depends directly on the nicotine dosage of the e-liquid. Note that there are also liquids for electronic cigarettes without nicotine. 

Generally, there are e-liquids dosed at 6, 11, 12, 18 or 19.6 mg. To determine the dosage that suits you best, there is a fairly simple rule: multiply the number of cigarettes that you smoke on average by the nicotine dosage of your brand of cigarette that you will find on one side of the pack. For example, if you smoked 20 cigarettes per day from a brand dosed at 0.8 mg, the dosage that corresponds to you is 16 mg. Our advice: choose the nicotine level that corresponds to your smoking habits. 

The reason for this is that too low a nicotine dosage will not help you to fight the urge to smoke effectively. On the other hand, too high a dosage will ruin the experience by causing you headaches, or even by aggravating your addiction.

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