All You Need To Know About Deep Web

All You Need To Know About Deep Web

We’re sharing our ideas on Deep Web in this article. The browser with an unknown name for most, gives access to 96% of the information not registered in the network of networks. “The reasons for not being indexed can be very varied: the private parts of web pages that are not accessible without username and password stand out, such as the webs of banks in which information is only given to their clients, pages with content payment or forums that require prior registration “.

A journey into the unknown is full of dangers “because it is a network without much surveillance,” an expert in Cybersecurity at the National Institute of Cybersecurity. “In the end, in the ‘deep web’ there are no controls of any kind and that is ideal for cybercriminals.” 

Although not all the contents of the ‘deep web’ are illegal. Documents on Wikileaks, leaks on dictatorships and journalistic blogs are some sites with the extension ‘.onion’, typical of the hidden part of the internet. “There are many people who use TOR to guarantee the security of all their communications.”

At the beginning of the century, the ‘deep web’ was estimated to contain 7,500 terabytes of information, compared to 19 terabytes for the ‘surface web’. However, browsing the depths of the network of networks becomes darker and more organized, and its name changes to ‘dark web’.

Anonymous Browsing

This darker part of the internet is a large community where privacy is the hallmark. “One of the main motivations behind the origin of the ‘dark web’ is to provide anonymity to its users”. Reaching these depths is easy, due to the large number of existing networks. The most extensive is an old acquaintance of the United States Government. In the mid-1990s, the United States Naval Research Laboratory created Onion Routing to protect higher-level communications.

Out of those wickers, The Onion Router (TOR) emerged in 2002, created by Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson and Paul Syverson. The system uses inter-server routing to ensure anonymity and thus encrypt communications. 

Although, as the Incibe experts emphasize, anonymity “is not infallible, because it is relatively easy for a user to commit an oversight that allows identification”. An example was the dismantling of one of the largest black markets for prohibited substances on the ‘dark web’. In October 2013, Silk Road was closed by the FBI, was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

Currently, there are around 30,000 ‘onion’ addresses, according to the latest report published by the security consultancy Intelliag, which has tried to map everything that is hidden in the depths of the internet.

Big Supermarket

Navigating the ‘dark web’ is not easy. 39% of the pages are not linked, so a high computer knowledge and, above all, prudence is necessary. “The channel is not criminalized, but the conduct,” explains the UCO commander.

Despite the ‘downfall’ of the Silk Road, the large illegal markets continue to function. With total impunity you can negotiate the purchase of a kilo of cocaine, a stolen paypal account and even hire a hitman for $ 180,000, according to data from Trend Micro. All this, paid for and ‘washed’ with bitcoins. 

However, ahead of all these crimes, one stands out: the distribution of child pornography. “Thanks to the security of the ‘dark web’, the exchange of content and abuse of minors is the most frequent,”.

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According to data from Intelliag, 48% of TOR pages could be classified as illegal in the US and UK. “The ‘dark web’ is not bad per se. There are actors who misuse it, but there are many positive uses of it,”.

There will always be a question about TOR and the ‘dark web’: did Edward Snowden use this network to make his famous ‘leaks’ see the light?

Encrypted Terrorism

Anonymity and privacy are two hallmarks of the ‘dark web’, two ideal characteristics to ‘help’ the spread of terrorism. The intelligence services are constantly monitoring a possible increase in the activity of terrorist groups in the depths of the internet.

“It is a means of communication that favors and protects anonymity, it is a fertile ground for terrorists, criminals and anyone who wants to acquire illegal products or services,”, . The alert was issued by investigators days after the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris. Terban found by browsing TOR several texts with Daesh propaganda translated into English, Russian and Turkish.

Despite the appearance of this site and the strong encryption of conversations on the ‘dark web’ through PGP, a system that allows messages to be encrypted, jihadist terrorists prefer to channel their messages through the surface internet to reach a wider audience.

However, the sale of weapons and documents such as passports does not stop growing in the depths of the network of networks. For as little as $ 5,900 you can get US citizenship on a specialized website,” says a Trend Micro study.

“Collaboration between security forces from different countries is necessary to fight against this type of crime,”.

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