Cyberattack: Some Methods Commonly Used By Hackers

Cyberattack: Some Methods Commonly Used By Hackers

By cyberattack, we mean an offensive action that targets devices, infrastructure or computer networks. The purpose of this is to steal, modify or destroy data or computer systems. Here are some common methods used by hackers to commit acts of cyber attack.

Creation Of Malicious Program Or Malware

Many hackers create malicious programs to carry out cyberattacks. Malware is unwanted software installed on a computer system without the consent of the system owner. The program may be hidden in legitimate applications or code. It is also possible that its reproduction is done on the internet. If your computer is protected by an antivirus, such as Avira’s free antivirus, you will be safe from malicious programs which exist in several subcategories. Here are a few :

  • Ransomware-type malware: Such malware takes data hostage. A ransom is then demanded, under the threat of deleting or disclosing the blocked data.
  • Macro-viruses: they use the programming language of software in order to disrupt its operation.
  • Spyware or spyware: they are installed with the aim of collecting information on users, in particular their browsing habits.
  • Polymorphic viruses: they modify their own representation, which makes them difficult to detect.
  • Stealth viruses: they take control of various functionalities of the computer system in order to hide themselves.
  • The Trojan horse: it is used to steal passwords and spy on, and also to block, delete, copy or modify content.
  • Worms: they are able to spread over several computers in a computer network and duplicate themselves once they are executed.
  • The logic bomb: added to an application, this malware is triggered at a specific time and can attack a large number of machines.

The Technique Of Phishing

This kind of attack makes it possible to send emails that suggest that they come from trusted sources, which is not the case. The goal is to collect personal data or trick victims into taking action. Phishing combines social engineering with technical skills. Such an attack can be concealed in an email attachment. It is also possible that it is deployed from a link that points to an illegitimate website in order to trick the user into downloading malware or transmitting personal data.

The Technique Of Cross-Site Scripting (XXS)

When a hacker launches a cyberattack using the cross-site scripting technique, he inserts malicious JavaScript into the database of a website. Once an Internet user visits a page of the affected website, he transmits this page to his browser with the malicious script present in the HTML code. The script is then executed by the Internet user’s browser, which sends cookies to the hacker’s server. The latter extracts them and can use them to hijack the browsing session. Through this method of cyberattack, the hacker is able to perform more serious acts, such as recording keystrokes, capturing screens, collecting important contents and controlling the victim’s computer remotely.

Injection SQL

Several websites that use databases very often suffer from SQL injection type attacks. Such a cyberattack occurs when a hacker executes a piece of SQL code in order to manipulate a database and gain access to fairly sensitive content. The cyber attacker thus has the possibility of consulting this data, modifying it and even deleting it.

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