Customer Reviews: An Asset In Your Online Business

Customer Reviews: An Asset In Your Online Business

Customer Reviews : That is a fact. E-consumers take into account customer reviews before buying a product or service from an e-commerce site. In other words, your own customers will help you find others. Reviews are essential tools for e-commerce. 

To do without it is to miss a big conversion opportunity. When customers have doubts about a product, reading  reviews helps them make the right choice.

Customer Reviews: Why Put Them On Your E-Commerce Site?

Improved credibility of your product or service

According to studies, more than half of customers buy their product from an online store with customer reviews. Your customers’ ratings and ratings on your product or service improve its credibility with future customers. If they are good, it means that your product is reliable. In addition, Internet users tend to inquire about an online brand before making a purchase. We list the main reasons to integrate customer reviews at the level of your e-commerce site.

Developing Customer Engagement

Internet users who leave their opinions on a product or an offer form a small community. Indeed, when your customers meet in the spaces dedicated to evaluations, they share their opinions and user experiences. 

A customer publishes what they think of your product and then they also look at the opinions of their peers to see if other people have the same opinion as them. Finally, they interact with each other on all the characteristics of the offer. These exchanges of information are synonymous with a commitment around your company. In other words, customer reviews federate a community around your brand.

Management and monitoring of your e-reputation

Customer reviews allow you to monitor your brand’s e-reputation. Feedback from your customers gives you insight into the weaknesses, but also the strengths of your products and services. In this way, you will be able to improve and adapt your offer according to the needs and expectations of your customers.

If the majority of reviews are favorable, your e-reputation will be good. Therefore, your conversion rates will be improved. The user consults the reviews before validating his basket. They are particularly interested in the average score of reviews. A good score allows him to have confidence as to his choice to buy your product or service. The average basket is up when people gain confidence by seeing the ratings. In case of negative reviews, it will surely impact your e-reputation. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to manage or prevent them by offering customer satisfaction.

SEO optimization

Reviews generate several points that can be identified by search engines. Reviews bring content to your site. This content highlights keywords that Users use in their searches. By responding to reviews, you also add keywords while interacting with your customers. This will optimize the relevance of your content to search engines.

The rated products appear directly on the search results, with yellow stars called Rich Snippets stars or also Google stars. Thanks to this rating, internet users are more likely to click on your offer. Of course, this only happens when you have a good rating.

Customer Reviews: What Are Their Impacts On The Number Of Sales?

Customer reviews are digital word-of-mouth. One of the peculiarities of online businesses is to have an overview of the product only remotely. Thus, an Internet user must check the reliability of a product by all means before proceeding to the act of purchase. The most influential means remains customer reviews. The satisfaction of your customers greatly contributes to boosting the motivation of Internet users who are hesitant to buy your product. Customer reviews therefore reduce the cases of cart abandonment.

Customer reviews can also bring additional information not mentioned on your site. This information, provided it is positive, helps hesitant people to strengthen their purchasing process.

According to studies, thanks to customer reviews:

  • the probability of conversion increases by 15%;
  • 82% of internet users say they have made their purchases a reality;
  • the conversion rate increases by 380%.

Customer Reviews: What Are The Existing Solutions To Integrate Them?

A wide range of tools is available to you to integrate customer reviews on your site. Here are a few examples.

Verified Reviews

Many e-merchants have bet their trust on Verified Reviews. At first glance, people see the ratings and the number of reviews left by your customers. The reviews collected are for your site, stores, customers, NPS surveys, and polls. Verified Friends is a paid solution and the rates depend on the size of your e-commerce.

Company of Guaranteed Reviews

Reviews on the platform are particularly compatible with Prestashop, Magento and WooCommerce. Several tools are at your disposal: customer reviews, customizable emails, Google reviews, etc. The price is based on the number of orders.

Google Customer Reviews

The tool is available free of charge. All you need is a Google My Business account and use the Google Customer Reviews option. This solution offers you a great advantage: an improvement in your natural referencing. Also, Google reviews cannot be removed. As a result, your opinions will be authentic.

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