The Best Virtual Reality Headsets

The Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Immerse yourself in the fun and crazy world of 3D with virtual reality headsets (VR headsets). Designed to provide incredible experiences for users, the VR headset is a device to be placed on the head to cover the eyes. 

This innovative technology immerses the user in an almost real universe (the emotions experienced and the sensations felt when we play a video game for example are much more intense thanks to virtual reality). 

You will find yourself moving your head to the rhythm of the movements of the video and even copying some gestures because the headset offers you a whole new field of view of the space around you. It is an experience to live at least once in a lifetime.

What Is A VR Headset For?

This headset is a way to watch videos and play 3D video games in virtual reality, simply.

What are the best helmets on the market?

We were interested in this gadget just to offer you the cream of VR headsets. There are currently two types on the market. I invite you to consult these comparisons to know the specificities of each helmet model. The best virtual reality headsets are:

The samsung Gear VR: this type of headset only works with some smartphones of the samsung brand, including the samsung galaxy S6, S7 and the samsung galaxy Note 5 and Note 7. However, it is undoubtedly considered to be the best VR headset for smartphones. It is of very good quality, comfortable and has its own sensors, which makes it more fluid. He won the Palme d’Or for the most complete helmet of the moment;

Hominido V2: in his name you will believe that he is able to put himself on two feet and walk before your eyes like a rock star. Which is not totally wrong because this model of helmet sells like hotcakes. It has the advantage of being compatible with almost all smartphones available on the market. The mink angle is 100° (above average). The resolution is sharp and it’s simply a high-end headset;

BlitzWolf VR: If you open your Christmas gift and discover a BlitzWolf headset, you are undoubtedly well surrounded. Indeed this helmet defies all competition thanks to its quality / price ratio.

Elegiant 3D VR: we would have called it Eléguant 3D VR, and it would suit him just as well. Very comfortable, it is compatible with all smartphones between 4 and 6 inches.

In the category ‘best headsets’ at low prices, note the Tera VR, the SALCAR 3D as well as the Cardboard TopElek Kit V2.

If you want to bring a quality VR headset, you have the references. So why hold back from living to the rhythm of your emotions when you have quality at your fingertips?

Virtual Reality Booming

As leisure professionals explain, virtual reality has completely changed experiences by offering stunning results. VR developed several years in advance in the USA before landing in Europe and the rest of the world. Today, this is widely democratized, whether in cinemas, at home, in professional use (appearance of agency expert in virtual reality) or other applications with sensations and immersive.

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