All You Need To Know About CRO

All You Need To Know About CRO

We explained about CRO in the article. For a long time we have focused on channeling traffic to our web pages or our e-commerce to the extent that marketing tools have allowed us, without taking into account who were the users who entered our pages. 

On many occasions, many of us have found that for people who make business decisions there were several metrics that can hardly argue the success or failure of a campaign . I am not saying that it is not good to have a lot of traffic, but it is also very important to analyze the quality of that visit.

On the other hand, we have forgotten about experimentation as an optimization and learning tool . Day-to-day life is hectic and many decisions are made impulsively without taking into account the data that we work so hard to collect – but then we don’t know how to handle and interpret. In fact, this is one of the problems of working in a sector where it is important to be talking about the latest tool or method – whether you know how to handle it or not.

This possibility of experimentation is what makes the CRO important . And, although it seems like one more new term to add to the basket of new terms this month, it is something that has been done a lifetime. In fact, any neighborhood store does CRO. They place the products in one way or another so that they have more visibility, they put some signs or others in the shop window to draw attention to a certain type of customer. 

A good example of this is Starbucks. It is certainly not a neighborhood store, but its store improvement process is constant. If you go more than two months without visiting one, you will find many things changed and, above all, improved. The goal: to sell more and make the user feel comfortable with the process and the environment.

If we go back to the online world, not many companies apply CRO in an integrated and constant way in their improvement processes and it gives the feeling that to apply CRO you have to be a large company with many resources. Nothing is further from reality.

What Is The CRO?

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a combination of different disciplines that tries to optimize the conversion rates of a website , testing small changes in the user’s purchase process through different techniques and tools.

The essence of this technique is to achieve better results with the same number of users . Or what is the same, pay more attention to those small details that for a user can become a pain point and alter, modify and experiment with them until the most optimal result is achieved.

It is a process that begins from the moment the user is captured and that continues with the different interactions that the user performs on a website and whose effects extend to all areas of digital marketing to a greater or lesser extent.

CRO teams are usually made up of members of User Experience and Web Analytics , sometimes including members of SEO teams due to the optimizing nature of this discipline, something that fits perfectly with the CRO philosophy.

CRO Process:

Investigation Of The Problem

In the first point of the process, we need to analyze and evaluate all the available information. Knowing your target audience is vital to identifying improvements. In addition, we will analyze the main data of the web and the conversion funnel to identify areas that have problems: areas with large drops of users or with low conversion data.

We will have to review any point that we believe may affect a user, whether due to web architecture, loading speeds, information display or any other element that alters the process.

Hypothesis Generation

Once we have selected a problem from the several that we find, we will generate our first hypothesis. The hypothesis, by definition, is an assumption made from data that may or may not be true. In our case, the establishment of said hypothesis will be based and based on the web data that we collect and on previous experience with other websites . We will not only establish the hypothesis but also the objectives of the experiment .

Is recommended to be made small modifications to assess correctly the success or failure of a hypothesis so should not be formulated so that there are major differences between the current situation and scenario .The smaller the changes, the easier we can measure them .

Planning The Experiment

Planning the experiment is one of the key points. We have to identify the ideal duration of the test to be able to achieve the estimated results in the hypothesis generation phase.

In addition, it will be necessary to design the different changes that are proposed in these hypotheses, so the department that is involved will have to prepare the different variants of the experiment (if there is more than one).

Carrying Out The Test

Once the duration of the test is defined, we launch and begin to measure . It will be vital to have the duration of the experiment identified to know if the results obtained will be valid or not.

There are many tools to help us at this point and that not only help to carry out the experiment with an optimal level of confidence, but they also help us to interpret the data. Among the most powerful and well-known CRO tools are Optimizely, VWO .

Analysis Of Results

As I have commented previously, the first thing we have to take into account is that we have reached a sufficient mass of users so that the confidence level of the experiment is optimal. Otherwise we will have to discard the experiment or try to lengthen it in time as much as possible so that it reaches that necessary critical mass.

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