All You Need To Know About 5G Technology For Drones

All You Need To Know About 5G Technology For Drones

The 5G Vodafone network for drones is proving its efficiency in medical emergencies. At the beginning of 2020, Benidorm was the scene of the first flight of a vehicle of this type controlled by 5G in real urban environments worldwide.

This operation is also a pioneer in the management of drones remotely outside the visual range of the operator. It should be noted that the aircraft glided smoothly between the skyscrapers of Benidorm, the second city with the most buildings of this type after New York.

But at the end of September, Vodafone carried out another test flight in Jaén, where it confirmed the speed of response of the drones operated with 5G . On this occasion, the small aircraft transported a defibrillator to attend an emergency drill due to cardiorespiratory arrest. Thus, it was shown that this procedure is four times faster than the movement of an ambulance, which is critical to saving lives.

If you want to know more about the results of these two relevant experiences with Vodafone’s powerful 5G network , keep reading this post.

How Were The Flights With 5G Vodafone For Drones?

In Benidorm, the test with 5G Vodafone technology for drones had three specific objectives. On the one hand, monitor the performance of the aircraft in a controlled urban nucleus far from the pilot’s line of sight. Second, check the quality of the live video stream using the device’s built-in camera.

Considering the above, the 5G connection was able to confirm its ability to solve any problem of the ship during its navigation in real time.

Likewise, Vodafone highlighted the qualities of the 5G network to manage the airspace of drones through flights in cooperative environments. In these environments it is feasible to establish the priority of one drone over another, if both coincide in the same airspace. In such a case, the technology allows the flight altitude to be modified. Furthermore, the low latency reduces drone exclusion zones thanks to its immediate responsiveness.

Actually, two tests were carried out with the drone. The first, already mentioned, verified the effectiveness of the operation in a straight line journey of ten kilometers. The second operation consisted of sending medicines from Poniente beach to Benidorm, with a distance of four kilometers between both points. The success of this tour raises the possibility of meeting urgent demands for supplies such as insulin, oxygen masks and even blood for transfusions.

Infrastructure And Synergy 

For the test carried out in September, the drone was controlled from an experimental flight center located in Villacarrillo, Jaén. In short, this complex is known as ATLAS , for its acronym in English (Air Traffic Laboratory for Advanced Unmanned Systems). In fact, ATLAS has 5G Vodafone coverage for drones and communications in general for its operations . Furthermore, the aircraft incorporates a camera that made it possible to monitor the flight in real time to transport a 1.8 kilogram defibrillator.

In summary, the demonstration confirmed the ability of the drone to transport a defibrillator or other medical resources to the scene of the emergency. And of course, in less time than an ambulance that must navigate urban traffic. The scope of emergency support was also tested, facilitating communication with a health center. The idea is that from it, people receive guidance on how to provide first aid to victims. In addition, in the medium term, the service will have a mobile app for any citizen present at the scene of the accident to announce the emergency. In this way, it will automatically activate the operation of the drone to transport the necessary resources.

For these purposes, Vodafone’s 5G network provides ultra reliable low latency (URLLC) technology that minimizes latency in transmissions. In this way, the remote control of drones is more effective, allowing the access of the aircraft to complicated areas. It also ensures the live video signal, without delays or defects.

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